about betahaus
Christoph Fahle
March 4, 2013


We are developing a highly intuitive platform that helps teachers and students to organize their classes and gain efficiency.

What is your startup about?

In the scolibri we are developing a highly intuitive platform that helps teachers and students to organize their classes and gain efficiency. Our tools will change the way of communication, planning and collaboration in school. Our vision is to eventually build a marketplace for educational apps.

We see the broken link between the students and teachers. The first group spends their life in the virtual online world meanwhile the teachers are providing mostly the offline connection to school just as copied materials and written exams.

The interest into the project is shown from both sides. We got a support from the Ministry in form of a grant as well as we recently succeeded in europass as the best edu startup.

How did you come up with the idea?

The initiator of the idea is Lukas, who did an internship at school and saw many inefficient processes and the gaps where the technologies could have been used. Based on this experience we started to build up a platform which will be a real educational network. It means that the solution won't need to be pushed by the school, where the processes are really slow, but will come from the users instead. The users are the teachers & students themselves.

All this started 2 years ago as our side project while we were studying, then it evolved to our full-time job. One of our team members even quit his formation for this.

Who is working on that?

We are 4 long term friends who have known each other almost since the kindergarten. It's been easy to build the team because the people were joining us spontaneously and we feel that we fit together personally. Now we're 7 full-time people and one intern.

You were taking part in the hub:raum accelerator, what did it bring you?

As the Demo Day was approaching, the pressure was rising and we got personally closer. The accelerator was a good ground for innovations, as we made many interactions, shared experience on how we have done this and that. The Demo Days brought some investment offers so it was definitely a good way to meet many investors in one spot.

We already miss the coworking in betahaus. After the hub:raum was over, we moved in to the office at Luisenstraße provided by Humboldt Innovation. We miss the interactions that were sparkling in this space, which are valuable for me as the marketer (says Tobi, the co-funder). Other developers from the team need more of a quiet environment, what was also doable in the coworking, as the other people were very tolerant and didn't interrupt them when they saw they need to work.

What are your next steps?

We will work hard on the proof of concept also by launching a beta with first movers. Afterwards we'll move on with securing the project financing.

After the summer holidays, we will be in full power ready to provide the software to the teachers and students.

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