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Christoph Fahle
September 23, 2013

Save the date: People in Beta Festival Sept 28th!

You know we love to celebrate! Because we love our lifestyle! All the Berlin startup, freelancer and maker ecosystem will be on their feet.

On Sept 28th we want to celebrate with you, those who have the guts to believe in their ideas and work hard to accelerate them! Therefore we are making the People in Beta Festival.

Join us for a day packed with awesome ideas, innovative hardware startups, lot s of DIY & TECH & DESIGN workshops and inspiring talks! And a "something strange will happen" party to say good bye to the wonderful summer we had. Winter is coming!

Don't miss to book the early bird tickets!

Here is a sneak peak of the program we have set up for you:

Start the day with awesome breakfast!

Get the early bird tickets for the workshop which will tell you what to do when you fall in love with your developer!

Attend the workshop on Polysingular Reality Rendition to find out what all the difficult words mean!

Learn how to design your own fliers on our workshop on Adobe InDesign Basics!

Or make films and stop motion on our fresh cool workshop!

Learn about the newest technology in 3D Printing Workshop.

 Attend the Screen printing workshop and print any picture/logo/quotes or braille you like!

Learn the magic of crafting and manufacturing package on the workshop with Hardware Berlin!

Make your own computer for anything on the Arduino workshop!


INSPIRING TALKS When tired from making the stuff, get excited by a talk of our inspiring speakers!

What is the forgotten food, why bees are dying out and much more you'll get to experience on the talk of Ludwik Cramer-Klett!

Get insights about the Collaborative Hardware from Simon Höher!

Inspiring talk of Ida Tin and her brilliant entrepreneurial journey!

Find out what Edial Dekker, the founder of Gidsy loves!


Come to see the pitch contest of the startups which are doing the actual physical stuff!


The night will reveal more secrets and the wicked party will bring you to a whole new universe!  The huge and masquerade Summer good bye Party 2013 will be curated by our Partymaster Pedro Pineda. We will start around 10pm and just 150 guests can join so make sure you’ll be there in time or try to get on the guestlist! 

Click here for more events coming up this month!