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Christoph Fahle
October 29, 2012


Routenguru is an online travel platform that helps users to create their own trip.

What is Routenguru and what does it offer?

Routenguru is an online travel platform that helps users to create their own trip. Users only need to know where they want to go and when they are planning their trip. Then Routenguru helps them to create an individual travel plan through the using of filers (for example: attractions, nature, wellness, or sport). If, for example, a group of friends want to travel around Germany, leaving from Berlin and arriving in Munich, Routenguru suggests interesting places that might be catch their interest throughout the journey. In addition, once the users decides where they want to go and what they want to do, Routenguru, thanks to partnerships with travel agencies, finds the best solutions for them. To summarize, users can find information and advices about the trip they are planning, and book it though the website.

How did you come up with the idea?

The two co-founders, Markus Moosbrugger and his wife, came up with the idea end 2010-beginning 2011 when they went on a trip in South Africa. After having planned everything with a itravel agency, they realized that their trip was not flexible enough. They wanted to be able to change it through the journey, and visit some “less” known places. Therefore, when they came back from their travel, they thought that there was a need of a platform that helps users to create more individual trips.

How were you able to find all the information needed for the website?

Of course, the two co-founders do not know all the important/most interesting places around the world. Therefore, they ask locals, especially students, for their advices. This is because, the main market target of Routengroup is young man and woman that do not want to plan a trip in detail by themselves, but they only want to decide the main destinations, and then, having someone else that can suggest what to do and how to travel. Another important tool provided by the website is the possibility to share your trip with others. It is very helpful for new users because they can see where other travellers went, read their reviews, and see pictures of their trip.

What are the biggest difficulties that you faced?

The biggest difficult that the two co-founders faced and are currently facing are expanding the team (in fact, they are currently looking for new developers), and marketing campaign.

Why did you decide to become a member of betahaus?

The decision of working at betahaus was made primarily for the opportunity of coworking. As most of our startups, Routenguru enjoys the possibility to talk to other startups and been able help each other. In addition, at betahaus, startups can find a very innovative and creative environment, which is what a startup needs. Lastly, but not the least important, everyone has the possibility to network without even realize it.

What are your future goals?

The main future goals of Routenguru are expanding the team, which is now composed by the two co-founders and other four people, expand the countries where you can find information on the website, and a smartphone App that allows users to transfer their travel plan from the PC to their smartphone in order to keep track of it and have the possibility to change it through their travel.

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