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March 3, 2016

Ron Markus | Celebrating our longest-lasting member

Ron Markus is an acclaimed comedy writer and the longest-lasting member in betahaus - he's been here for over 7 years. His work includes more than 20 prime time productions as a screenwriter and producer for shows such as "Letzte Spur Berlin", "Flemming", and "Stromberg". For the latter, he was awarded the Grimmepreis, one of the most prestigious awards for German television. He has also written "Romantik für Anfänger" (Romance for beginners), a popular satirical novel on the German TV-industry. It’s about time we got to know the guy.

What does your creative work process look like?

I ride my bike to betahaus between 9 and 10 am in the morning, sit down in front of my laptop and „go“ to work. Pretty glamorous, isn’t it? My creative process? I’m talking to myself on the computer. Asking myself questions. „Why is the protagonist funny?“ - and answer them. „He thinks he’s smart while being a complete idiot. … He’s not funny, he’s like me."

Which parts of this process do you work on in betahaus?

All the parts.

How do you utilize the betahaus community for your work?

I don’t. Still, I’m a social animal and go for lunch with my fellow coworkers. Sometimes I do a little market research and ask them about ideas of mine.

Which of your work was written here, and has betahaus inspired you to come up with specific stories or storylines?

I wrote my novel „Romance for beginners“ in betahaus. It brought out my romantic side … just kidding. Has betahaus inspired me? You bet. Just the other day I was pitching a story to a production company about betahaus. My idea: a young hotshot working in betahaus gets involved with the German industrial military complex. He tries to sell them his brilliant software for operating drones. Of course you know how the poor guy ends up. Pretty dead, you’re damn right. It’s just fiction but still: It should be a warning for all of us!

We heard a rumour that you once used our CEO Madeleine as inspiration for a protagonist.

We'll leave that to the imagination of the reader.

“Stromberg” is the German version of “The Office”, a parody of stiff and stale office culture. Coworking is considered to be hip and cool. How are we holding up?

betahaus is a supercool place, no question about that! You might not always find a table with stable legs in this place, but you definitely find the coolest people on earth. I probably never belonged to this group, but I learned from the best. I even bought a beanie the other day!


“ You might not always find a table with stable legs in this place, but you definitely find the coolest people on earth”

What’s your single most favorite thing about betahaus?

I really love betahaus and its spirit. I really do! The thing I love the most: the TOURISTS. The hoards of Japanese, Scandinavian and South European tourist groups that are led through the house, staring right at my face watching me curiously while I try to come up with the best line of my career. Seriously, it doesn’t bother me, I only wish they didn’t throw bananas.


Wanna meet the novelist? Ron has had a 12-Day/Month membership for the last seven years. Catch him on one of those days and he'll be happy to share a coffee and a story with you. Just make sure to not mention bananas.


Ron Autorenfoto freundlich

The way we engage with the music community is something really important for us and honestly, what makes us different than other background music providers. A lot of the background music providers out there have internal teams of maybe five or six DJs that do all of the music for their clients. We aim to connect with the local scene and always work with local DJs. There's some kind of magic in finding the exact right artists for the brand.

And on the flip side of it, when we hire artists, we make sure that the project is also inspiring for them and that they would be interested in participating. We always make sure to pay them well. The whole project creates for them a new income stream that they wouldn't have otherwise.

People in beta Clay Bassford Bespoke Sound

Yes! This was really fun. The objective with the betahaus "betabeer sounds" playlist was to showcase the community side of betahaus. There are so many cool, interesting people in the betahaus community and we thought a playlist could be a perfect way to not only help bring the community together but also show the diverse funkiness of the communities of Berlin and Neukölln, which is why Hazy Pockets, a longtime local Berlin DJ known for his eclectic mixes, was perfect for this project.

This playlist moves from bluesy 60s rock into surf and tropicalia, picking up momentum into Motown and onwards through some laid back disco tunes. Perfect for the betabeer events betahaus hosts monthly!


Oh, there are just so many! Like the Imren Grill for instance where you can find the best homemade Turkish food or Das Gift and Gordon which are both run by great music people. Kohelenquelle in Prenzleuer Berg is my favorite local bar (or rather kneipe). To satisfy my  techno / electronic records needs I always go to Hard Wax and one of my most special places is the Zions Kirche steeple, which has an awesome view of the city and a great Weinerei close by. 

You can see me around betahaus. Online, you can always check out my website and listen to our public playlists on Spotify. We’re also currently working on a collaboration with betahaus, so a special Playlist curated by is will very soon sound around the spaces in Kreuzberg and Neukölln. 


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