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Christoph Fahle
December 5, 2012

Ready, Steady... Do!

The Maker Weekend is just about to knock on the entrance door of betahaus! These two days we will have a non-stop row of workshops, activities & interactions and a supreme CHRSTMS Market party on Saturday evening.

The weekend will start at betabreakfast (10 am Saturday) and a talk from Johannes Kleske to speed us up into getting things done. After that you could join the tour around the haus lead by no one else but Christoph Fahle, co-founder of betahaus.

And the flow of 'Do-motion' will get started..During the day you will get involved into various happenings in the cafe. The Capsuling.me team will help you to get all the stuff which you were 'just about to get done' during the year 2012 of your shoulders . Moreover, DIY experts will share their skills, good mood will transform into a laughing yoga session.. You'll see how much can happen once people start doing instead of talking and planning!

The core of the event is a whole row of amazing DIY workshops! It's going quick and 3D printing, concrete design and cnc-cutting are already sold out. But you can still find some free spots and make amazing presents for Christmas (or for yourself).

See you there,

Yours betahaus team

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