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Taylor Record
September 1, 2022

We’re at it again. Only this time, it’s Chilean startups making the leap to Europe.

Chile has become a hot spot for Latin American startups, with two unicorns, VC funding on the rise, and a spot on top of the Global Innovation Index 2021 for Latin America.

But what about Chilean startups looking to expand beyond LATAM? 

When it comes to global expansion for startups, it’s not about what you know but who you know. And with a community of 100+ investors, 200+ experts, and 1,500+ active startups, that’s right where betahausX comes in.

ProChile Softlanding 2022 is our latest collaboration with the Chilean government. Take a look at the program, participating startups, and what comes next. 


About ProChile 2022

ProChile 2022 is a high-impact, super custom three-phase program aimed at getting Chilean startups basis for their first deal in Europe. Here’s how it works.

Phase One. Roadmap & KPI Workshop

Going international should start with a clear plan. That’s why our first phase of ProChile 2022 (July 2022) was a Roadmap & KPI Workshop.

Over the course of two weeks, our team worked with participants to get clear on their coaching needs as well as their current capabilities, environment, identity, and team setup. From there, we created KPIs and a coaching roadmap that they would follow throughout the program. 

Phase Two. Pre-Immersion, Online

Phase two is all about pre-immersion and getting the startups ramped up with what they need to do business in Europe.

Each week (ongoing), startups participate in a seminar and get 1:1 mentoring on topics including: EU Market Framework, Innovation, Sales & Marketing, and Internationalization & investment. 

There are five startups participating in phase two of ProChile 2022. But only two startups will move on to phase three: the six-week onsite program.

Phase Three. Soft Landing, Onsite

Phase three is go-time. Once selected startups arrive in Berlin, Landing Week gets them introduced to the Berlin startup ecosystem, our partner network, and the betahaus coworking & office space.

From there, they’ll hit the ground running. Each startup will be matched with a custom program including weekly business meetings, networking events, and demonstrations. On top of that, they’ll receive ongoing support and introduction to business partners as they work to secure their first deal in Europe. 


dimor labtech SpA

#HealthTech #BioTech

A female-led company that develops a multisensor system for early monitoring of diabetic neuropathy and a prognostic tool for diabetic foot ulcers using point-of-care in vitro testing (POCT) algorithms. 

Winderlust SpA

#Gastronomy #Entertainment #VR

Immersive gastronomic experiences through wine and virtual reality, telling the story of the origin.


Hydra Research S.A.


The first bacterial biopolymer used as a soil stabilizer in the world, 100% natural, biodegradable, and innocuous.


Simbiotecs (Supergestion SpA)


A startup in the Industrial Tech segment that delivers a new look and unifies asset management, maintenance and customer experience using IoT and AI.


Berking Biotechnology SpA


Development of biotechnological solutions based on recombinant antibodies derived from alpacas with a  main focus on cancer theranostics and veterinarian antiviral drugs.



The startups are halfway through the online program, and soon, two will be selected to advance to the onsite program in Berlin. Watch this spot for updates once they arrive in October 2022.


betahausX Landing Pads create a path to market entry for tech companies ready to go international. Through a combination of high-impact coaching and mentoring, exposure and feedback, introductions to best-fit companies, and converting leads, each program aims to get foreign startups where they need to be to sign their first deal in Europe, fast.

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