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Katka Nagyová
May 7, 2014

Post - modern Spanish art exhibition launching this Friday

A new exhibition is starting at betahaus this Friday at 7pm! Come for the night of Spanish art and discover the project WeMadeThis.

This time you can see the artwork of Spanish post-digital designers. The project We Made This was founded as a book presenting the work of some of the Spanish creators of post digital design and showing the strength of this sector in Spain - from graphic design, motion design, typography, visual identity, among other disciplines. The book has been presented in several places in the United States to publicize the work of artists in Spain. Now, WMT continues its career in the hands of Spanish Cultural Action and makes it in format of the exhibition and tours various parts of Europe. The goal remains the same, to publicize this vibrant part of Spanish culture.

The curator of WMT, Héctor Ayuso says that the exhibition is dedicated to digital cultures where a new generation of creators has emerged, affirmed the following: as Spaniards we carry in our DNA the “ability to survive." We understand better than anyone that the way we relate to new technologies is changing. Today the real challenge for the Spanish artists is to look for new and unconventional ways to tell stories and focus every effort into becoming exactly what they have always wanted to be. WeMadeThis.Es celebrates this moment.

The exhibition will be accompanied by workshops and presentations and will feature an original piece in each venue.

See you all in our betahaus | café this Friday at 7pm!


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