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Katka Nagyová
April 8, 2014

Pop-Up farmers markets The Food Assembly growing from betahaus!

Recently Yatan started to work, besides our beloved hardware accelerator hardware.co, on expanding The Food Assembly in Germany. It is a platform which enables people to buy local products directly from farmers. Delicious topic, right? So if you’re a local food enthusiast, networker with love for good products having some spare time or maybe a farmer, check out the community. Now he’ll tell you what new is being cooked from betahaus and why he is looking for leaders.

I’m working on The Food Asembly which is making the food trade direct, from farm to table. Farmers get the full power back to set their own prices and sell directly, and consumers get their food products directly and in person from the person who grew them. We organize Assemblies - the weekly pop-up farmers markets - create a very human experience where you can connect with the farmers and with other likeminded people and just enjoy a very personal way of getting your food. This concept is already successful in France with over 390 Assemblies and is becoming a European movement. This changes the game and hence is awesome :)

Who organizes it?

Food Assembly is a decentralized system, its all about people who want to bring regional food to their communities. We call these people Assembly Leaders. They are in charge of bringing members and providers together and with about 10 hours per week of work also make a complementary income. We are always looking for good people to open up communities to bring regional food to their area in Berlin and all over Germany. By being an Assembly Leader you are enabling your community and local farmers to connect and be an important part of changing the food industry.

Why are you in Berlin, at betahaus?

We decided to start in Berlin because its the biggest and most liberal city in Germany. Berlin is famous for its startup culture and open mindedness, which makes it a perfect place to start. betahaus is the heart of this startup and open-minded culture, full of young teams and interesting people from all walks of life and therefore we feel like its a great place to work from and experiment.

Food culture in Berlin is also particularly interesting, organic food is being farmed more in the outsides of Berlin than anywhere else and we know there is an interesting market there.


So if you have love for organic products, farming and Berlin join the community or become an Assembly Leader.

That way you'll be the first to know when it pops-up at betahaus.

Still wondering about a membership at betahaus? Click here and read more about it!