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Elizaveta Bersegova
August 24, 2015

People in Beta: Nils Seger

Welcome to our PEOPLE in Beta series. We are requesting a little insight from speakers and workshop holders of People in Beta festival about who they really are. Nils Seger is the Co-Founder and Senior Partner at RCKT. Drawing on his vast global experience in managing communications, media and marketing, he helps shape startup heroes and market leaders. At the People in Beta festival Nils will be talking about why storytelling is more important than ever in a hyperconnected world and why every story needs a hero. In this interview Nils tells us how he turned a copycat debate into a media triumph and confesses his YouTube addiction.

What are your main challenges and inspirations when shaping a unique new brand for a client?

What defines a brand is often the little things. I like it when nothing is a fixed and ready structure and to visit the companies and talk to different employees - internal communication is more important than external communication.

Tell us about one of your most memorable PR success stories.

One startup under the umbrella of Rocket Internet developed a new innovative tool for their payment process. I thought this was worth a story but all journalists made a copycat debate out of this. So I found this editor in New York who wrote for her niche payment magazine about new payment methods. We talked all night about the company, the Berlin startup scene - things she had never written about before. At the end of the day, she wrote a 100% honest article that was tweeted and blogged many times and a few days later the story about the product made it here, too. Same with the Africa Internet Group (AIG) where we made it to the front page of WSJ in the US and then the story came to Germany, the UK and France.

When you were a kid what did you dream of becoming when you grew up?

Many things, but surely not leading an agency - I probably didn’t even know what that was. But now I couldn’t think of anything better.

What's your favourite way to blow off steam in your free time?

It used to be sports like running, soccer or similar. But this year I broke my ankle so now it is swimming at the workout studio around the corner from our office.

What quirks or virtues impress you the most in people?

When people believe in something and build up passion and momentum for it. You have to bring it to the agenda and make it a topic. I have met many colleagues, where you feel from the first day that they are 100% dedicated and ready to build up a topic on its own. And you feel the day when it becomes news and people on the street are talking about it.

What makes you feel lucky to live in this time and place?

YouTube - nothing is better than YouTube.

What's the one thing you would change about the world if you could?

More school and university education on stories, media and content. Everyone loves to watch movies or listen to music, but mostly we keep this to private conversations or networks. I think analysing what we love to spend our time on helps to educate us, learn from each other and find better solutions in all areas.

Tea or coffee?

Actually, tea.

Share your favourite piece of wisdom with us, whether it's from a well-known hero, your mom or even yourself!

No guts, no glory - I watched the Galaxy Rangers when I was a kid.

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