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Elizaveta Bersegova
August 24, 2015

People in Beta: Klöckner & Co

The People in Beta festival team is excited to have multi-billion dollar steel industry giants Klöckner & Co on board to take part in some awesome talks on the day.

If there's one thing for sure, it's that Klöckner & Co is no stuffy traditional steel company! They've embraced digitalisation and a startup mentality to totally revolutionise their business model. The company took on two brilliant young business graduates, Fabian Sinn and Carsten Lübbert, who have a shared vision to shake up the antiquated ways of the steel industry.

By bringing their supply chain online and integrating their systems with their supplier’s systems, Klöckner & Co is boldly navigating its way through the increasingly challenging environment for steel distribution. The company also founded the Berlin-based innovation unit kloeckner.i in order to further drive their digital integration.

Betahaus is thrilled to welcome Fabian and Carsten to the People in Beta festival stage where they'll give you the lowdown on how startup methodologies can be applied to the most unlikely industries. They're also involved in Investors Day, where they'll be pitching to startups and speed dating startups in cars. Carsten is a betahaus regular who joined Klöckner & Co in 2014 and is now Controlling & Reporting Associate, while Fabian is behind the group’s corporate venture capital unit.

What's more, we also have Klöckner & Co's CEO Gisbert Rühl sitting in on our panel discussion: ‘Sell your soul to an accelerator or join a coworking space’.

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