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Christoph Fahle
July 30, 2012

People in Beta Festival on September 22nd

It seems that what they say is really true: TIME FLIES! One year has passed since we started the first people in beta festival. What does that mean? Only one thing: The time has come for a second edition!

This years people in beta festival will be on Saturday the 22. September, right before the social media week. Coworker, Startups and Maker from Berlin and the rest of our Universe: Save the date and join us on this very special occasion!

The 2nd people in beta festival will not only be packed with opportunities for networking, skills exchange and inspiration, but also with a kick-ass betapitch and - how could we not do it? - another spectacular masquerade party!

We are already working hard, to make the 22. September an extraordinary day that gives Berlin´s Coworking-, Startup- and DIY-Movement an extra boost.

In 2011, we didn´t really know what a people in beta festival could, should or would look like - but the result was pretty awesome so we decided to do it again. This year, we have a clear picture in mind and know what we want to do. However, we are pretty sure that you guys have some great ideas, which we have not thought of so far. Please share them with us! You can talk to us at betahaus | (especially during betabreakfast) or send an email to lisa.hillers@betahaus.de for general info, to christoph.v@betahaus.de for info about workshop or to lucas@betahaus.de for information on talks and presentations.

This was only a Save-the-date. In the upcoming weeks we´ll give you regular Up-to-datesStay tuned...

Your betahaus | crew

p.s.: Here´s a little appetizer for you! These are some of the start-ups already on board for people in beta festival 2012: