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Elizaveta Bersegova
August 12, 2015

People in beta: Arne Loermann

Welcome to our PEOPLE in Beta series. We are requesting a little insight from speakers and workshop holders of People in Beta festival about who they really are. Arne Loermann is the creator of The Dash – the world’s first smart wireless bio-sensitive headphones. The in-built Bluetooth headset isn’t sensitive to background noise, because it only picks up vibrations generated by your voice from the ear bone. The Dash prototype raised over 3 million Euros (blowing the target of 260,000 out of the water) on Kickstarter, making it the most successful European crowdfunding project ever. Now, we hand it over to Arne for his take on why The Dash made such a big splash!

What do you think made The Dash concept the most successful Kickstarter campaign in Europe ever?

It feels like it was exactly the right time. Our product shelters a lot of needs and wishes of this time and gives them a meaning, combined in a product and usecase that we all love: Listening to music. I think a lot of the success that we had until now has come from our visions and transparency. We share the process of growth with our backers and people that want to support us. They can feel that we believe in what we are doing and that this is just the beginning of projects we want to realise.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs or inventors launching a crowd funding campaign?

Take your time to create a concept, be honest and try to give the crowd something they can believe in. Create a new way to present and don’t just copy everything that already exists. However, you won’t get around the fact that you’ll have to come up with something great and new, that is half the job.

When you were a kid what did you dream of becoming when you grew up?

Actually, I don’t know, I always had the problem that I never really knew. It was just clear that I wanted to make things better and easier. Everything is always so non-intuitive and complicated.

What's your favourite way to blow off steam in your free time?


What quirks or virtues impress you the most in people?

Enthusiasm and honesty.

What makes you feel lucky to live in this time and place?

That I can do just everything I ever dreamed of.

What's the one thing you would change about the world if you could?

Abandon religion.

Tea or coffee?


Share your favourite piece of wisdom with us, whether it's from a well-known hero, your mom or even yourself!

“The force that hurls you into flight is the great treasure trove of our humanity, which we all possess. It is the feeling of connection with the roots of all power. But it gets scary in a hurry! It’s damned dangerous! That’s why most people are so happy to renounce flying. They’d rather stay safe on the sidewalk, following the rules.“ Hermann Hesse

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