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Jack Henderson
December 1, 2016

Pack Your Bags, You're Going to London!

Last week we partnered up with yet another coworking space and this one’s based in London. Meet Edspace, a community and coworking space for people looking to transform education – teachers, charities, businesses, social enterprises, investors and accelerators.

They believe that radical innovation, backed up by robust evaluation of what works, can improve the life chances for millions of people around the world. Check out their space here:


The deal is the same as always, 5 days of free coworking per month. There’s only one catch, make sure you email 24 hours before arrival with your name to info@edspace.io and they’ll be ready to greet you at reception. If you want to join our list of partners drop Katy our Head of Coworking & Community an email: Katy@betahaus.de or click here.