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Christoph Fahle
September 13, 2013

OPENiT festival

Autumn comes over not only with rains and shortage of sun, but also with hell load of great Berlin-based festivals.

As you know, we are bussy preparing our People in Beta Festival. However, fair enough, there is a live outside of betahaus! At least in the close neighbourhood. So we decided to OPENiT ! We met the incredibly inspiring organizers of this project a couple of days ago and joining in was just the only option we saw. Openit is an open, green Guerilla Festival SEPT 26th – 29th in Berlin Kreuzberg, around Moritzplatz and Oranienplatz. It is about hacking the city, opening it, experimenting within it and together inventing our open source, green and economically sustainable future. So we with People in Beta Festival are in the program of 28th Sept.  But see the whole of it at OPENIT.CC!

Don’t forget to check our calendar for more events coming up.