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Christoph Fahle
June 25, 2013

Open Design City Re-opening + betabeer

All this time the doors of our beloved Open Design City were sort of pre-opened. Some secret preparations were going on, gossips flying around in coworking areas. But now we´re ready for a real launch!

This Thursday 27.06.2013  - 7pm

You probably know that during last months we were working on reconstructing, equipping and structuring our workshop. We brought in awesome woodworking tools, new screen printing equipment, 3D printers and what not. NOW it´s the time to open the doors and put it all in full use.If you are interested in getting your hands dirty or your mind creative, COME OVER TO THE OPENING !

We´ll present you all the possible ways to use the space, access the machines and learn how to use them! And of course you´ll also see in action some of Open Design City daily routines like Arduino, 3D printing, screen printing, etc.

Unless weather kills our plans, we will combine it with BBQ! So bring over something to share if you feel for.

Join our FB group, so that we know how much beer to bring in ;) Your friends & fellows are obviously welcome as well.

See you there,

Yours Eli, Tom & C

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