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Alice Nell
November 16, 2014

My First Year at betahaus!

One year ago, when I started to work at betahaus I was so happy to learn more about this magic space. Now -- a year later -- I am more than happy, more than proud and stunned, more than I can put into words! For me, betahaus is a lifestyle, an individual fulfillment, and a family.

A few words of thanks...

First of all I want to give thanks to my best colleague and friend, LISA. I know that you're every time on my side, job-related and in private anyway! Love you!


MADELEINE: your speciality is your quietness coupled with precise instructions - I love it!

MAX: fair and square! And construction work? Never say die! :)

CHRISTOPH: you’re the king of visions! ;)

Not forgetting…

the power ladies who manage the RECEPTION: Andreza, Katy, Anja, Reni. You are the cornerstones of betahaus!

CEVA: you are the king of betahaus-Café (my favorite spot!)

STEFANO: nessun problema! Thanks for reminding me to keep calm! :)

Everybody else… PEER, KATKA, DENISE, ALEXA, ELIZAVETA, SVEN, TOM, CHANTE, IVA and of course, the lovely BAR, CAFÉ & EVENT staff - You are the foundation!

And last but not least, big love for the great people of

betahaus Hamburg

betahaus Barcelona

betahaus Sofia

republikken, Copenhagen

sektor5, Vienna

Agora Collective

The Fueled, NYC

COWORKERS, PARTNERS & FRIENDS: YOU are the Community! YOU are betahaus!

A lot of beta-love for all! 

Yours, Nadine

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