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Christoph Fahle
May 8, 2013

Moneybird Germany

Let us introduce you the newest startup to join our haus. Dutch MoneyBird is an online platform for freelancers and small businesses, that helps them to get rid of the paperwork!

Hey, you interested in new startups from betahaus?

Check out a newest startup in the house, Dutch MoneyBird who helps out freelancers to get rid of the paperwork! Some of the freelancers in the house can tell... This is the interview with Niek, co-founder:

Who are you?

Hi, I’m Niek ten Hoopen, co-founder of MoneyBird Germany. MoneyBird offers an online platform for freelancers and small businesses that allows them to easily create and send their invoices. We believe that entrepreneurs should be able to focus on their core business, instead of worrying about sending their invoices and keeping track of the payments they need to receive.

How did you get to this?

We founded MoneyBird because we were struggling with creating invoices ourselves. When I worked as a freelancer, I created my own invoice template in a Word-document. Everytime I had to send an invoice, I had to look-up the client address, change the invoice number, invoice date, calculate the VAT, etc. After I sent the invoice to the client, I had to register the invoice in Excel and some difficult formulas would tell me how much revenue I made that year, quarter and month. Every quarter I had to rely on my own Excel-formulas when I had to do my VAT-declaration. Allthough I really liked my work, I really hated doing bookkeeping and creating invoices.

While traditional bookkeeping software and Excel are way too complicated or don't provide the overview that is required, we decided to create a solution for this and started MoneyBird in 2008. Over 40.000 Dutch entrepreneurs are currently using our online application. Since I moved to Berlin recently, we decided to launch MoneyBird in Germany.


What are your future plans with MoneyBird?

We recently launched our German website and the MoneyBird iPhone app is available in the German AppStore. Our next step is to expand our team in Berlin. Providing our customers with great support is important for us, therefore we are looking for a (native German) intern. Our focus lies currently on marketing, communication and customer services.

Any big challenges when entering foreign market?

The greatest challenge is to make sure our software is suitable for German entrepreneurs. With five years of experience in the Netherlands, we know what Dutch entrepreneurs need and how we can help them with their financial situation. We believe that German entrepreneurs are looking for the same control over their financial situation. Feedback from our German customers is very valuable as we are just starting here, therefore we closely listen to the comments and new ideas of our German customers.

Why are you here?

You can find me regularly in betahaus because I love the atmosphere here and it is a great place to interact with our customers. I would love to help betahaus| members with questions about invoicing. Also, I am happy to collect the feedback about MoneyBird anywhere where it is possible.

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