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Christoph Fahle
September 13, 2013

Member of the week: Dirk Müller

After being an architecture student and researcher at Berlin University of Applied Sciences and several international architects studios in Berlin and Rio de Janeiro, Dirk became.. ta-da-da-dam, an architect! (how unexpected!) But what´s even better, he´s going to hold the professional 3D modeling course in Rhino @ betahaus.

What brought you into architecture?

The process of creating a space for our needs and the creativity in this lively process is what I love about architecture. What feeds my curiosity is discovering our relations to space and the perception of ´architectural´. Well, design generally for me is a creative process full of curiosities.

How are your design ideas born?

Well, firs you need to get enough inspiration capacity in yourself. I love it to be in nature. Sometimes I listen to music or watch paintings to get into the creative mood. I also like to talk about an idea or to write a short text about it in my sketchbook. After writing about it I begin to sketch an idea or something belonging to it into the book.

I have to mention that in the end the aim of the project has a huge impact on the idea - works as a pointsman.

You worked as an architect not only in Berlin but also in Rio de Janeiro. How was it? Is there a big difference?

I loved to work in Rio de Janeiro. Rio is the creative place where the idea dances and express itself in a more curved way, in a tropical rhythm – forgetting about the time. Berlin is more focused on the serious part of a design projects. Here we work on the manifestation of a project, well organised and on time-schedule. Which is also useful sometimes. ;)

Working in which country did fit you best?

Oh, that is a question. I like both cities, countries and parts of its societies. The market in Germany is better organized and as an architect it is a good place to see a lot of conrtemporary architecture – being inspired by it and getting paid for the project you work with.

A tropical Megacity like Rio de Janeiro is an adventure and a paradise next to an inferno. Finding a project and getting paid for it is really difficult. But its worth to try it. Maybe that works out.. with a social cultural center in a Favela or (on the contrary) with a cosmetic surgery clinic in Ipanema or.. of course (!), the world´s coolest soccer stadium in the city center is worth trying. ;)

What´s the coolest thing about your job?

I really appreciate the part of search for ideas for projects, and then communicating them in the way we will do in my course.

I also like to teach courses because I like the process of finding out students intentions, motives and goals and guiding them through the process of achieving it.

Out of the whole variety of 3D modeling tools, why did you pick up Rhino program?

Rhino is relatively easy to learn, it is working perfectly with free forms and it is quite unlimited concerning 3d modeling. And after a while of training the workflow is flawless.

I started to work with 3dsmax and autocad years ago. Those are also good products. But Rhino fits more to the way I do design and the modeling. Once I had just three weeks to get into Rhino. Done. With 3dsmax I needed more than a year,...

Is there any open source solution on the market that would do the trick?

Yes. Blender or Bishop 3D. But if you prefer smooth work, you´d prefer Rhino.

What´s cooler - 3D printing or Arduino?

Let me be diplomatic. Both are a good way of getting digital objects into physical forms.

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