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Katka Nagyová
December 6, 2014

Meet Zartis

Have you heard about the new guys in the house? And their betabargain? Read on and find out what Lisa tells about their company.

Zartis was imagined over noodles by an entrepreneur, a developer and a designer in 2011. They saw a market gap and felt that there needed to be a more innovative approach to recruiting. Since then Zartis has matched amazing people to great tech companies through Zartis Talent, it’s online hiring platform. All candidates are pre-screened and we have placed Senior Software Developers, Front End Designers and Data Scientists into great companies like Twitter, Ryanair and PayPal.

Now that we are working with some amazing clients in Ireland, we’ve decided to open another office in a city with a) a lot of tech startups looking for great tech talent b) an appropriately high density of restaurants selling takeaway noodles - We decided on Berlin.

Since October, we are based in Betahaus. And as Christmas approaches, we wanted to give people a welcome gift so we came up with Betabargain: one free hire for every startup in Betahaus until Christmas.

So if you are currently searching for Tech Professionals and would like to try out our platform, let us know. Lisa is working in the office space on the 1st floor every day - you can call over and you can also reach her via email (lisa@zartis.com).