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Katka Nagyová
June 1, 2015

Meet the startup halfBake.io

An interview with the founders of halfBake.io about theyr story and how they started

Who are you?

We are Halfbake.io. Saurabh, the Co-Founder/CEO is a UI/UX designer with 14 years of work experience. He also looks after Product Strategy and Social Media. Jigyasa is the Co-founder/CTO and a Full-stack engineer with 7 years of work experience. She works with Ruby on Rails, Javascript, AngularJS and DevOps at halfBake. We met as colleagues at Slideshare (now acquired by LinkedIn - www.slideshare.net) working with the development team back home in New Delhi, India.

What’s the story of HalfBake.io?

HalfBake is our second startup as co-founders. The idea came out of our own challenges while working on our previous startup – www.motorpaneer.com. We were building a recommendation engine that helped Indian car buyers pick the best new car for them. As a designer/developer team, we had no trouble building new features, but we really struggled to figure out which ideas to go after next. Like every other team, we had a whole bunch of ideas and no clue how to evaluate and prioritize them. So we came up with some complicated excel sheets to rank and analyze ideas between the two of us. We also had a whole lot of amazing mentors, advisors and investors at our disposal, but we didn’t know how to keep them in the loop for our ideation process. We were also working on a way to get feedback from users on our website and include it in our ideation process.

Eventually, we decided to move on from our previous startup and began building our internal solution as a web app that any team can use. And that’s HalfBake.io now. It’s a web app that helps your team gather new ideas and get early feedback while you evaluate and refine them into a smarter roadmap. It helps you include your team, your external stakeholders as well as the users on our website in the ideation process. Your team can use it to test your assumptions early and avoid making costly mistakes.

What’s your traction been?

We built the first version of our User Engagement tool – the Hollerback Widget in a month and released it last week. It helps teams get feedback and ideas from users on their website. We got featured by BetaList and have more than 480 beta sign-ups from all over the world and are consistently getting 10-20 new sign-ups every day. Anyone who wants to see how our awesome new tool works, can check out the personalized demo. We’re running a limited time free trial for early bird sign-ups.

How’s your time in ASPnP?

Our time at Axel Springer Plug and Play has been really great. We made some great connections and got feedback from a lot of mentors from diverse backgrounds.

Your favourite startup?

We are huge fans of LayerVault (RIP), Slack, AirBnB and Sketch. In Germany, we absolutely love Number26 for doing something completely new, bold and executing it this well.


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