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Alice Nell
December 5, 2015

Meet Khalil Khoury & his Mysquare World

One of our members Khalil Khoury has just launched his app mysquare and is looking for beta-testers.

In short, mysquare connects instagram accounts to a location on a city map. Great for companies who want to claim their 'instagram location' on the map. Great for people who are exploring the city and want to get to know it through people's instagram pictures.

Khalil conceived of the idea while traveling in India but says that mysquare was born 'n bred in betahaus. After choosing betahaus as his coworking station, he met Jon, his partner on the project, and got to work.

The concept is all there but now it's time to test and improve. Want to check it out and help? Sign up at mysquare.world and let Khalil know what you think. He's usually on the 3rd floor near the kitchen area. You can also shoot him an email at khalil@mysquare.world.

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