Alice Nell
December 5, 2015

Meet Khalil Khoury & his Mysquare World

One of our members Khalil Khoury has just launched his app mysquare and is looking for beta-testers.

In short, mysquare connects instagram accounts to a location on a city map. Great for companies who want to claim their 'instagram location' on the map. Great for people who are exploring the city and want to get to know it through people's instagram pictures.

Khalil conceived of the idea while traveling in India but says that mysquare was born 'n bred in betahaus. After choosing betahaus as his coworking station, he met Jon, his partner on the project, and got to work.

The concept is all there but now it's time to test and improve. Want to check it out and help? Sign up at and let Khalil know what you think. He's usually on the 3rd floor near the kitchen area. You can also shoot him an email at

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Claudius: Design is the core of what we do and what we’re all passionate about, but hardly our only focus. Design, at LAUDO, stands more for designing a whole strategy, often very close connected with marketing. We’re developing websites and apps for our clients, but also help them reach their target audience through SEO, Google ranking developing newsletter systems, print brochures etc.

Claudius: A lot of other companies are seeing themselves as a service provider and don’t really question what their client wants and why. We pay very close attention if the work we provide for a client is in line with our personal values and vision. It’s not just delivering a product to the client, getting the pay check and leaving, but also building relationships with clients and collaborating. Because they are often our doors to new opportunities.

‘’We see LAUDO as an airport, where the clients are our gates to new guests, new perspectives and new potential clients. It happens all the time that whoever we’re working for, from there we get a new project, which wasn’t planned before. So we open up a new gate. That’s how we were able to grow and why good connection with our clients is so crucial for us.’’

Orietta: I think one thing that make us stand out on the market and our strength number one is the team. We’re a small team and we all look in the same direction and have the same approach and vision. That makes the communication go smoothly.

Joey: Another thing is that we have a very hands-on approach. We are the guys, who say: ‘’Okay, let’s do it’’. That’s our culture.

After you’ve taken care of your paperwork and you’ve signed up both in Bürger- and Finanzamt, you are all set up to start working. One of the best ways to get integrated into the city fast, meet like-minded people, and even find clients is by working from a coworking space. There are tons of benefits for freelancers and luckily Berlin has a lot to offer in this way. A coworking space is a physically collaborative shared workspace, which brings all kinds of creatives and entrepreneurs together. It’s a perfect place for startups, freelancers, digital nomads and even corporates searching for innovation. And it’s the biggest advantage towards the typical office space is that it pushes a collaborative exchange between its members and facilitates the creative process and networking.

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