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Melissa Sant'Anna
May 22, 2024

Meet Cobot: our coworking management software | Countdown to 15 Years of betahaus

As we plow full speed ahead into the last week of preparation before 15 Years of betahaus next Friday, the 24th of May, we have to take a moment to shout out some big love to the friends and partners who support betahaus. Cobot has been our coworking management software tool since day one, and boy, do they help us!

Cobot is the coworking management software dreams are made of, aka the engine that has kept betahaus running for so many years. They make coworking very simple for everyone. Cobot is how you can easily book a meeting room or buy a day pass, and how we keep an overview of our signups. Our co-founder and CEO Madeleine Gummer von Mohl recently gave them an interview about our long-time partnership. Take a peek at some of our answers or go to their website to read the full interview.

How did you approach operations when you started betahaus?

Madeleine: Very, very spontaneously and bootstrapped! We were six co-founders and everyone did everything. One of the first unexpected challenges was managing cash flow due to bad planning, which we overcame by reducing our salaries. If I had to do it all over again, I’d probably approach it similarly, but with the knowledge of 15 years, we now work on a completely different level with professional tools and team members, focusing on the most important things. I personally learned to say no.

What is the biggest difference in coworking operations now compared to when you started?

Madeleine: Ha, you know how we started! We managed our members with an Excel sheet. Now we use professional tools like Cobot, HubSpot, Agicap, and Slack to manage everything related to coworking membership. It’s a completely different world!

Can you name one Cobot feature that you never want to be without?

Madeleine: My favorite part is the forecast/projected revenue feature. And lately, the ability to sell Day Passes and Meeting Rooms to guests has been incredibly useful.

Go check out the wonderful work they are doing at Cobot. And don’t forget to join the party which they are kindly sponsoring! If you like to read these stories, make sure to follow us on whichever social platform of your preference, whether it's LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. We are always sharing interesting stories from the betahaus community. See you next time!