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Katka Nagyová
March 17, 2014

Meet Clara, Gwen & Jenni

Remember our rocket girls organizing the Bartenders Berlin exhibition? We've asked them few questions so that next time you'll be getting your cappuccino from them, you have hints what to talk about. And the thing that would make them the happiest?! Meeting you at their Bartenders Berlin vernissage on the 5th of April!

Who are you?

We are Clara, Gwen and Jenni, three baristas who work / used to work in betahaus | café. Besides the great vibes we shared while making coffee, we discovered that we all are connected to the creative field in one or the other way. Gwen is a scenic photographer, Jenni’s expertise is graphic design and Clara studied Arts & Culture Management at some point in her life.

What you're doing in Berlin?

Clara - I am working for a social association that is called kein Abseits! e.V. and aims at providing schoolchildren with new role models. I came to Berlin five years ago and I am not going to leave anytime soon.

Gwen - I´m a scenographer and I currently work on a staged photography project “Next stop:Berlin”. Several reasons have drawn me to Berlin, the artistic scene is one of them. The city is poor but people create art anyway or exactly because of that. In the Netherlands, where I'm from, artists first want to have money before they make something.

Jenni - I am working as a freelancer in the field of design with a focus on photography, web and graphicdesign.

Why do you do the Bartenders Berlin?

We started talking about organizing the exhibition standing behind the bar. We got inspired by the space, and felt like doing something with the space connected to our creative interests and skills. Additionally we would like to give other artists, that also work in a bar, an opportunity to present themselves. 

What do you do when you don't make coffee or organize an exhibition?

Clara - Besides my job and my interest in art my most favorite two ways to spend free time is climbing and going to Berlin’s cosy ‘Programmkino’ cinemas.

Gwen - I like to visit exhibitions and love to enjoy the cultural life of Berlin as such - theatres and concerts. Berlin is the perfect city for both sitting in a bar and drink some wine and doing cycling tours.

Jenni - This morning I woke up with one thought - I want to go sailing again! Since last year I’m totally in love with this sport that fascinates and scares me at the same time. Besides I am interested in art, design, travelling and spending time with friends.

Which kind & form of art is your favourite?

That is not easy to answer. We think that art and the taste in art is a very subjective thing. It also varies among our group members. We all agree that it has to be something that comes unexpectedly, that surprises you, that leaves you with questions or sheds a new light on things that seemed banal in beforehand.


You can meet these awesome art creatures at the Vernissage of Bartenders Berlin on 5th of April!

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" People matter! Community was always what we were all about. ‘’

In June we launched #PeopleInbeta - our monthly blog post series in which our Content Manager - Vihra interviewed teams and freelancers from the betahaus community to present the variety of creatives we have in ‘haus, to understand their missions and get some useful advice for our audience. We talked on topics such as sustainability (with PlanA) , decentralized digital identity (with JOLOCOM), curated music experiences (with Bespoke Sounds), freelance photography (with Sara Herrlander), full-stack development (with Obst Digital), design (with LAUDO) and much more.

Interview with LAUDO at betahaus | Neukölln
Interview with Obst.Digital at betahaus | Neukölln

"The Summer is the best time to host Backyard sessions and BBQ’s’’

In the summer, we launched a couple of new events in Neukölln like Freelancers, Unite!, The Backyard Sessions and My friend’s BBQ. 

Freelancers, Unite! developed as our productive coworking session with freelancers from in and outside the ‘haus. Once a month, we picked an important freelance topic (such as taxes, time-management, etc) and invited experts to give us insights on the topic. We saw so many new faces and had the chance to come back closer to where we started from - the freelance, grassroots culture. 

Freelancers, Unite! at betahaus | Neukölln

Another event, which started in July (and turned out to be our favourite events) were The Backyard Sessions. Organised by our queen of Neukölln - Robbin – the Backyard Sessions are our creative evenings with live music jams, movie screenings and cocktails. 

The Backyard Sessions at basement.berlin
Movie Screening at basement.berlin

This last event was hilarious because for quite some time, nobody knew exactly who organised it or invited them. The friend was throwing a BBQ for the community in the garden and this led to all our members joining and staying after for a beer or two with us.

‘’My favourite moment this year was the second friends bbq which was actually cancelled because of the rain forecast. But despite the bad weather, people show up and it turned into a super nice intimate evening with Elizaveta and Paul giving a garden concert.’’ - Robbin (Community Manager, betahaus)

''In July, it was great how the casual after-work BBQ turned into an impromptu acoustic blues jam session with Elizavetta Barsegova and Paul, who have the voice of an angel. Actually, all of the My Friend's BBQ's and Backyard Sessions were AWESOME.’’
- Paige (Head of Marketing, betahaus) 

The Garden at betahaus | Neukölln
My Friend's BBQ at betahaus | Neukölln

"As a coworking space, you have to give stage to important topics.’’

This year we released a new event format in Kreuzberg called ‘’The betaSalon’’. It's an open panel discussion which aims to give stage to important topics and give free speech on them. The fist one we did on the EU elections, last month we talked about changemakers, but our favourite one for this season stays ‘’Mother + Founder’’ where we partnered with FemGems podcast and recorded a live podcast episode for them having Madeleine Gummer von Mohl (betahaus co-founder), Kristine Zeller (co-creater of ooshi period underwear) and Luisa Hoffman on the stage.

betaSalon at betahaus | Kreuzberg

"We should fight for a more human-centered tech development’’

Every September, our co-founders take part in the Techfestival. in Copenhagen, spending a few days disconnecting from the daily life and focusing on creating a better, more human-centered tech future. This year the think tank which included our co-founders Madeleine and Max came up with the TechPledge. The Tech Pledge was made to emphasize the need for a new direction in tech. Similar to the Hippocratic oath for doctors, the Tech Pledge is a promise to make tech a force for good and ensure responsible and sustainable tech leadership. It’s a commitment to driving a new direction in technology.

Techfestival. 2019 in Copenhagen

"Startups are transforming European football as we know it.’’

One of the most exciting projects for betahausX this year (which is also continuing in 2020) is their new startup challenge called The Werder Lab - a global startup competition that aims to reimagine the way clubs like Werder work with athletes, fans and partners.

"You should leave time for the things you love most’’ 

This year couldn’t end without us having our favourite events - the end-of-the-year holiday party and the BETAPITCH Global Finals. On the 6th of December we saw the 9 finalists of the regional BETAPITCH competitions pitching in front of our jury. Congrats to Troy from Hamburg for winning the big prize.

We finished the year at our Holiday Party celebrating anything and everything at betahaus | Neukölln together with our members, friends of friends and our favourite artists from Passiflora LIVE, Tapete and Kotoe.

Love at The betahaus Holiday Party 2019

Thank you for being with us in 2019. It's been a crazy big year for us and it wouldn't been possible without your support, trust and the hard work of our amazing team. Have an amazing holiday time and we'll see you again in 2020.

With love,


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