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Christoph Fahle
August 21, 2013

Making the World a Little Neater

MyVolts embodies what a startup stands for.

But let us start with their actual story.

In 2002, former Ericsson datacoms engineer Luke Brennan founded a company called “Digidave” out of people he mostly met at parties. People that share the same interests in creating something that can make life a bit easier.

They were selling electronic devices on their website. Among these devices were wireless routers. As they figured out that people were buying more and more power supplies for the routers than routers itself, being the innovative startup they are, they used this information to shape themselves in a different and even more useful way. So, they all sat down and researched all the devices you need at home. All this work in order to help people overcome the headache of looking for replacement parts for their devices.

Back then, which is 4 years ago, this was 5% of their business.

Due to their user friendly interface where people can easily select the brand and the model this has increased to 95%.

Of course, that was a big thing! So the always-in-movement startup thought, “Why not spin out another brand that is all about power?”, which is why MyVolts, the “Power Supply Finder” was born in 2011.

Having paid attention at what their customers where buying (tons and tons of power supplies) and using that information, the team came to the conclusion that there is a way to save energy and make power supplies more efficient.

They gathered, that via USB you have a reasonable way of delivering power easily to a lot of different products.

The team created their very own MyVolt power supplies (PSUs), which are a solution to the problem of having a drawer full of unused cables you think you might use again but actually never will.

In addition to clearing out your drawer, these cables are also able to convert the voltage from 5 (which is normal for USB) to higher voltages.

It is a fresh way to help everyone through the jungle of cables without having to throw everything out.

“Making the world a little neater, everybody likes that”, says Luke.

You can also visit their German website here. 

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