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Christoph Fahle
May 25, 2012

Makerlab on human rights

The Human Rights MakerLab is a collaboration between DMY, InterInstitute in Berlin,humanrightslogo.net, Open Design City and numerous content partners. It is facilitated by Jay Cousins​ and Pedro Pineda using the MakerLab Process. The common understanding of human rights and societal norms are defined by our surroundings, but do they truly correspond our personal attitude? Are they actually universally correct? This project provides the opportunity to explore what Human Rights means to us in a playful manner of positive provocation.

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The objective is to engage people and explore together what could or should be improved, what are the main rights to be considered, what the contemporary and future development of human rights is. For example, the main document on human rights is “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights” adopted by the UN General Assembly on 10 December 1948, as a result of experience of the Second World War.  It was stated that rights of every individual everywhere should be recognized and protected by the rule of law. The idea was awesome, but ... the document haven`t been updated since then and almost 100 years went by.  Furthermore, was the set of rights really well prepared? What is the inner sense of human rights? Is private property really an essential right? What is about privacy of personal data and information in terms of the World Wide Web, which didn`t exist back then? 

These are just the few of questions, which could and should be asked. Moreover, “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights” was created with best intentions, but according to National State thinking, so there are quite some points missing, like access to drinking water, for example.At the moment “Human Rights MakerLab ” is developing the infrastructure and approach to the main event, which will take place within the DMY festival. At the Planning Party last week all the current participants were explained “the autonomous nature of the event”, which means that anyone will have a right and possibility to get involved or spontaneously make any activity. However, a number of preset activities also exist. The final frame and starting content of the event (new content can be created by anyone during the event itself) will be announced at the Opening Night of DMY at Tempelhof Airport on the 6th of June. However, if you want to participate in creation of this substance, follow the link to continue reading.  Join them on 28th May in the Betahaus/ODC hof for the next planning party.