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Christoph Fahle
March 7, 2013

Maker Weekend #2 Reflections

This past weekend was a Maker Weekend. The workshops started on Saturday with a Coding Jam by Graffiti Research Labs and ranged from turning your old plastic bags into cool new textiles in the Melt-a-Bag workshop, to building your own Rocket Stove!

There was even a chance to take a load off at the Natural Cosmetics and Relax workshop. Participants in the Leather Jewelry, Rockin’ Knits, and Screenprinting workshops got to make awesome accessories, and partakers in the Berliner Hocker and Cardboard Up-Light Lamp workshops left betahaus with unique handcrafted home goods.

The DIY continued on Sunday, with cool tech workshops like an introduction to 3D printing, and Arduino and a Pillow, to hands on Decoupage, Papier Mache, and Concrete workshops.

Nearly all the workshops were fully booked, and the party on Saturday night was slammin’.  There were rockin' tunes of Jam Session from Audiofu and DJ Milan Hermess. Remember the visuals on the walls? They were created during the day time coding jam session by Graffiti Research Lab. Actually, even throughout the party the coding masters were burning buttons on their laptops adjusting the visuals!

On top of that our party monsters were getting rave worthy make-up from Raketeuflug zur Sonne, and getting involved into various DIY workshops & activities operated by our friends & artist in residence. Have a look at our new awesome ODC robot – made by party guests with direction and help of TAPE OVER art project.

There was also a big surprise prepared for you by OMA project – time capsules of actual making which will be shown on the next makers event!

All in all, it was kick ass. THANK YOU ALL FOR THAT!

Lots of love,

your betahaus team

PS Here are the PHOTOS

PSS WE ARE VERY SORRY if you couldn't find a spot at the ws you wanted to attend this weekend. We sold out faster than a speeding bullet. If this was the case, and you’re still yearning to get your hands on something-check out the March time table – you should be able to find a ws there. ;)

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