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Christoph Fahle
June 18, 2012


Tor Rauden Källigsten presented his start-up loopc.am at the last betapitch. Like actually all the ideas presented, Tor’s also seemed pretty interesting to us, which is why we did this interview with him. In general: loopc.am is a social platform for sharing animated .gif images....but let’s see what Tor has to say about it.

Interview by Till Wagner.

Where are you from and what did you work on before loopc.am? I'm from Stockholm originally. Prior to Loopcam I explored the world doing jeans in North Korea (nokojeans.com) and produced techno with Boeoes Kaelstigen (boeoeskaelstigen.co.uk).

How did you come to Berlin?Just before I moved to Berlin I lived in Seoul, South Korea and experienced how living in the future is like. I wanted to go back to Europe and Berlin was the natural choice of city. It's a city to be positively surprised and confused by, on regular basis.

What is the idea behind loopc.am and how did you come up with it?Loopcam is technically defined as a very simple stop motion animator. It uses the well reknown animated GIF-format, which is compatible with all platforms. And it's designed to 

let people share what they're doing in creative ways, fast and easy.I've loved these cute gif-animations that's been glorifying the internet since decades — from crappy flames in 3D to hilarious scenes taken from movies. But there wasn't a simple way to share your own life using this brilliant format. That's were Loopcam was born.

Where do you see loopc.am in the broad field of social media?A Loopcam loop is richer than a photo. But faster to shoot and consume than a video clip. And last but not least, loops are funny and addictive. We think there's something utterly unique and exciting in loop based communication.

How do you promote loop.cam and get it widely used?Loopcam has been growing organically. We built a very basic prototype and launched early. People loved it. The process has then being about learning from our users how to take it further. It has been a recipe for success so far, and will most likely will be the way we keep on doing our stuff further on.

What are your plans for the future of loopc.am?Becoming the hub of LOL :—)

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