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Jack Henderson
May 12, 2017

Life Purpose and Business Consulting: an Interview with Dream Facilitator Luiza Arcuschin

She might not be in tech, but she’s innovative as innovative comes. Luiza is a dream facilitator - and she might just be the first in the world. We talked to her to find out what it is she does, and mostly, to learn from her about tools and methods for finding your life purpose.

Hey Luiza, why does Dream Facilitation exist?

In a time where more and more people have the opportunity of deciding how to spend their time and what they want to do with their lives, also more people struggle with anxiety of not knowing what they should be doing or even lacking the courage of taking the firsts steps towards it. Needless to say, the process of figuring this out can be complex, layered and very lonely. This is why I started Dream Facilitation.

Sounds solid. So what is Dream Facilitation exactly, how does it work?

“Dream Facilitation is an empowering consultancy for people who want to investigate, plan and implement projects to fulfill their life purpose. Dream Facilitation is there to guide people through the process of acknowledging their dreams, and to then support them in taking actions necessary towards living a fulfilling life. It is a six months process that involves both personal and professional aspects of the dreamers. It includes self-awareness exercises as well as the actual hands-on support on strategic planning and solving operational issues such as the financial structure, marketing positioning, team building, etc.”

"Dream Facilitation is there to guide people through the process of acknowledging their dreams, and to then support them in taking actions necessary towards living a fulfilling life."

So you’re combining traditional coaching techniques with business consultancy? Is anyone else doing this?

There are many life and career coaches whose focus is to support individuals in finding their purpose. Also, many business consultants help individuals and organizations to find out the best strategy and how to actually make things happen. However, until now I never met another professional who brings these things together, focusing specifically in one's dreams in life.

Could you share some assignments, tools, and resources that may help interested readers in finding their purpose?

For the past years life purpose has been a topic for me. I truly believe that we all have a reason for being in this world. Purpose is something so important that the term is becoming a common sense. People are using it without understanding its real meaning, such as happened with the term 'sustainability' or 'creative economy'. It is important to emphasize two things:

  1. Purpose is a process and not a goal. It is something that guides you through your life, helping making decisions to achieve your objectives.
  2. Purpose not necessarily needs to be a "good thing". Everything has a purpose: a reason, or necessity, by which a thing exists or was made for.

In corporate environments, purpose is also being misunderstood. Business schools and CEOs commonly say that the purpose of companies is to maximize shareholders value. But is this really why organizations exist? Do people wake up and go to work motivated saying "let's all maximize value for shareholders today!" I don't think so. Or at least they shouldn't.

A purpose should be the positive difference a person or company makes in the world.

Therefore, it is the mixture of four pillars:

1 - Values ​​of life: principles that guide relationships, behaviors and decisions.

2 - Future vision: the future you want to create.

3 - Mission: how you intend on doing.

4 - Unique contribution: What is the unique touch you have to offer based on your life experience.

The good news is that we each have the power to create meaning to our lives. It doesn't have to be an exact science, but understanding what your ideal life looks like will help you know what steps you need to take to create this reality; to live your dream.


"If you know your Why, you can deal with any What, Where and When"


Therefore, I would like to share some insights on how can people start investigating their life purpose. That is a combination of exploring your inner and outer world. It is important to reinforce that it is not an exact science; therefore we shouldn't pressure ourselves for answers. The most important step is having the intention of acknowledging yours, and respecting its time.

Start by answering the following questions:

  • What are my passions? Things, themes, topics that I really like.
  • What are my talents? Things I do well, without much effort. (Don't compare yourself with others, and be bold!)
  • What is my uniqueness? My unique individual touch that defines me.
  • What would the world lose if I died? To answer this one, ask people who know you what you have that is unique.
  • What problem(s) bothers me so much that takes away my sleep and turns me inside out?
  • What is the impact I want to create in this world? What future do I want to help create for myself and people around me?
  • What would you want to be remembered for by the people who live on after you?



Take the time to analyze your answers: what do they have in common? Do they connect? As shown by the mandala above, your purpose is a combination of all those answers.

After that, take some time to reflect on your past life. Think about:

  1. What have been the most fulfilling experiences I have had? Try to remember of precise moments or situations that you felt a fire inside; where you were somehow connected with a bigger purpose.
  2. List your major achievements or accomplishments in life.
  3. Think about and write down how did I feel when I experienced or achieved the above?

This is what I call 'Connecting the Dots' exercise. As Steve Jobs said "we can only connect the dots looking backwards". Therefore, finding out themes, recurring words and patterns in the stories can be an indicator of what is your purpose.

Last but not least, Simon Sinek's Golden Circle helps us visualizing the difference between purpose (why), values (how), and life activities - career, studies, etc. (what). As it turns out, very few people and organizations can clearly articulate Why they do what they do. And once you discover your purpose, the key is to think, act and communicate from the inside-out: starting with the Why. "By communicating your purpose or cause first, you communicate in a way that drives decision-making and behavior. It literally taps the part of the brain that influences behavior" says Sinek.



In case things are getting too deep and complicated, don't panic! There is no hush or pressure to find out your purpose. It can be that at some point you have a blinding insight and 'discover' yours. However, most commonly this 'aha' moment never comes. Instead, you stick to your ideas, talents and passions, and live a life truly to yourself. Trust in your guts, follow your heart, and believe that the dots will connect in the future. Purpose is always a process; is your own unique life journey.


That is just the beginning of Dream Facilitation's process. If you're interested in finding more about it or feel that you want to become a dreamer, it will be a pleasure to meet you! Send me an email or visit my website :)

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