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Alice Nell
October 29, 2015

Korean Startups - Stay in Touch!

The last few months we've had some strangers in the haus. They were taking part in an accelerator program here, created in conjunction with Accelerate Korea and co-developed by SMBA and the Korean governmental organisation KISED.

Last week they flew back to Korea, but we're excited to stay in touch and follow their future endeavours! For those of you who are interested, we've summed up who they are and how you can get in touch with them.

korea blogpost2


Copy of Copy of Copy of BeeCanvas


Some of you may remember BeeCanvas as the finalists in BETAPITCH | global, where they won some cool prizes. But just to refresh your memory...Beecanvas is a board-based visual collaboration tool that allows users to collect different forms of information such as videos, links, and files all in one place. Virtually every type of information can be managed based on one specific topic. They have an enterprise subscription model and are focused on intensive communication with small businesses. BeeCanvas was previously focused on the consumer market but have changed from B2C to B2B. And they currently have 17,000 registered users!

Want to get in touch? Contact Raymond Hong, CEO of JOKERPACK, at doberman@jokerpack.com. Or Chole Koo, Communications Manager, at katniss@jokerpack.com.


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lollicam by Seerslab is a fun and easy-to-use video/gif creation app with over 400 face-tracking stickers & cinematic effects. Lollicam sells premium stickers, filters, and effects, and takes commission fees from connecting content providers (ex. Disney) to their user base. They can also send different advertisements to users' album (this will later become cloud-based). lollicam's target audience is teenagers and college students, and they currently have over 800,000 users. On the first day of launch they ranked number 1 in the App Store!

For more info, contact Michael Chong, CEO of Seerslab, at mchong@seerslab.com.

ConsiderC Inc.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 13.59.55

For two years, ConsiderC Inc researched, tested, and prototyped in a healthcare lab to build the RxCycle; an indoor fitness bike that allows a virtual cycling experience of specific outdoor routes. The bike is unique because it optimises workout performance. RxCycle is a cool & simple way to enjoy the next generation of exercise with a virtual reality experience.

In terms of finance: selling the hardware bike will provide the initial, short-term revenue. ConciderC hopes to then sell customised exercise coaching for more steady income. It'll be done through a precise analysis of each individual'shealth condition. At the moment, ConsiderC is preparing to mass produce the bike. Recently they sold their latest prototype to the government (now at Techno Park).

Interested in the RxCycle? Get in touch with Jiyoung Lee at jiyoung.lee@considerc.com.


Copy of Copy of Copy of bbuzzart

BBuzzArt is a social platform connecting artists and art enthusiasts from around the world.  Young and talented artists and enthusiasts can grow through feedback and exposure from their peers. The company was founded by Clara Shin, who spent years working in the art industry in the US and Europe. She developed a passion for reimagining how art is labeled and perceived. With BuzzArt, Clara aims to re-categorise labels and perception, by categorising according to emotional experiences rather than academic, 'elite' descriptions.

Anyone interested can contact Clara at clarashin@bbuzzart.com - especially any emerging artists out there!

Master Company

Master Company

Master Company is a user-friendly B2B platform that matches construction operators with heavy equipment owners through web and mobile services. The plan is to create an online marketplace for sharing equipment: construction operators can easily rent the most cost-efficient equipment from contractors, and contractors who aren't using their equipment can maximise profits by renting out their materials. Everyone wins!

Need a few hours of extra work? Right now Master Company is looking for people to help them in making sales calls in Germany. Or; if you have an idle crane lying around, give them a shout! You can contact David at mskim@04master.com.

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