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Christoph Fahle
September 29, 2013

Keep calm and make clothes

We are continuing our challenging journey on the road of. `Maybe you´d rather learn how to make it than buy it 800th time?` Today´s stop - Learn How To Make Your Own Clothes.

And it´s not only about getting a new skill. It´s also about gaining a bit more of understanding of how things you wear are done. You don´t necessarily have to apply for Berlin Fashion Week right after the course. Even though it would be cool; if you had it in mind, go for it! But you´ll for sure stop seeing your  own stuff just as ´this peace of clothes for 30 euro`. You´ll be able to see where to cut, where to iron and where to sew - to get exactly what you want!

You can, of course, lean it by yourself. We don´t say its impossible! We just wanna let you know that its faaaairly hard.

To make it more achievable, we´ve created a step by step program with an experienced Fashion Designer. MAKE YOUR OWN CLOTHES is held by Magdalena Kohler, one of the two founders of the Berlin based menswear label AUGUST. In her course you will learn how to sew like a real pro and translate your design ideas into a visual aesthetic representation. It includes the whole way: You will go through all the stages from drawing a sketch and making a mood-board to cutting a pattern, a test peace and, finally, sewing your final (most awesomely fitting you ever) shirt. On the way you will also get introduced to various materials and techniques.. in the end, details are what make a peace unique.

We still have last available spots! So if you feel for joining in, envision your perfect design, book your spot and come over to make it real.

If you have any questions about the course, just drop a line at elizaveta@betahaus.de.

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