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Jack Henderson
October 10, 2016

‘It Was All a Dream We Used to Read Barista Magazines’

Hello Mone, great to meet you! Can you tell us about you and your team and where the idea for Good Spirits came from?

Mascha, Florian and myself, Mone, are the three co-founders of Good Spirits Beverages. Flo is the visionary of the company, he’s responsible for marketing and has been involved in trend research and brand strategy before we even founded Good Spirits. Mascha keeps it all together and handles sales and logistics. Before joining she was an area manager for a Berlin coffee shop and also a customer service executive for a green coffee importer. Finally, there is me, Mone, the coffee specialist. I take care of quality control and have been a barista and a competitor in both national and international barista competitions. The idea actually came to me whilst competing. I had to create a signature beverage and there it was, the cold brew idea, a long extracted cold coffee, served in a spirit glass. When I got Flo to taste it, he immediately thought that it would be the next big thing. That got us all hooked on the idea to bottle up specialty coffee as a business!

How do you rate Berlin and the German market when it comes to coffee, compared to other places in the world?

Germany is going to be the next market when it comes to specialty coffee, because we are already one of the largest coffee drinking countries in the world when it comes to quantity, as filter coffee is now part of our everyday life. However, Germany is still behind when it comes to quality and realizing that coffee can be one of the most aromatic beverages there is, that’s why we’re here to step in!

One thing that’s striking about Black Moon Coffee is the design – it’s stunning! Does graphic design play a special role for Good Spirits?

The detailed design and text reflects our approach to coffee and how much we care about quality. Our design is our communication and we use its natural and unique style to reach out to people. Every member of our team is a visual person that loves to create things that are a pleasure to look at, this can be seen in our bottles, our market stands and even our product videos.

How would you explain your product to someone who’s never tried it, can you sum it up in one sentence?

BLACK MOON cold brew is a ready-to-drink specialty coffee in a bottle that brings out the fruitiness and subtracts the bitterness, whilst caffeinating you fully.

You sell two products right now – the small bottles of your Black Moon cold brew, and the casked version. Can you tell us more about these products. What makes them different?

The bottles are perfect for anyone who needs a little boost of caffeine on the go. They come with screw tops so you can take it along during the day and enjoy the taste in small portions, or as it is also just a single serving of 200 ml it can be a refreshment on the spot.

Then there is our 3 Litre Bag in Box, which we originally created for cafes, so they could have cold brew on tap. However due to popularity, we put it on our online shop. Now anyone can stock a load of cold brew, as it fits perfectly into the fridge and can be easily taken to festivals or on weekend trips. It stays fresh for longer too, because the bag inside the box doesn’t let any oxygen inside, also not after opening!


Do you have plans to bring out any new caffeinated products in the near future?

We love to create new stuff with coffee, so throughout the year we release limited edition coffees. Apart from that though, we plan to bottle up a different coffee for next year as an option to the BLACK MOON.

We heard a rumour that Good Spirits go surprisingly well with gin and tonic, amongst other drinks. Tell us more please!

Yes, that’s our favourite! We like to experiment a lot and get creative with drinks and so we came across the Cold Brew G and T. What better way to drink in the evenings while staying wide awake? It’s sparkly and refreshing, the cold brew turns any gin & tonic into a sweet and delicate drink. Our favourite combination is a Thomas Henry tonic with a Niemand Gin: the floral notes will blow you away!


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