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Alice Nell
April 4, 2014

HURRAY betahaus | Hamburg has a new home! Get involved and support them!

Ten months after its biggest crisis, betahaus Hamburg is all set for expansion – and crowdfunding its way there. Join their efforts on startnext.de and help injecting even more awesome into Hamburg!

When the news of betahaus Hamburg’s insolvency hit us last June, we were not only worried about the future of the second betahaus in Germany – a lot of people began questioning the viability of coworking as a business model in general, and we had to face quite a few skeptical comments on the future of all the betahaus | spaces.

Alas, reality proved them wrong betahaus | Berlin, Sofia and Barcelona are growing each day and Hamburg faced a series of miracles:

Beginning right with betahaus | Hamburg’s insolvency, all of the cities’ forces seemed to join in an effort to save the betahaus | Hamburg – the coworking and startup community, established companies, and city officials all alike did what was in their power to keep the betahaus | Hamburg running.

And betahaus | Hamburg’s team did their part, too: They completely changed their pricing model, reformed their organization, and bundled efforts to move to a larger space (the lack of which we had identified as a main reason for failure). And in a matter of weeks rather than months, betahaus| Hamburg was thriving again – and more than ever. We are very proud of the Hamburg team!!

To keep betahaus | Hamburg on this trajectory, only one thing was missing at the beginning of 2014: the larger space! Eifflerwerk to the rescue: In mid-January, the building once planned as the future home of betahaus | Hamburg (and long since become unavailable) appeared back on the market. And once again, all forces joined, planets aligned, and betahaus Hamburg made the leap from under 300 to over 1,300 sqm, to be set up in only three months’ time.

Which brings us to the present: betahaus | Hamburg is moving (estimated date of arrival at the new space: 12th of April), and they need our (read: your) help! They are fundraising on startnext.de, and you can help by becoming a fan, spreading the word, and/or donating to get one of the fabulous perks they set up!

Rock n Roll! Oh and save the date: huge opening party in the new betahaus will be on June, 6th! See you all there!

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