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Christoph Fahle
September 27, 2011

How to Festival

People in beta is a festival about Startup Culture, Coworking and DIY, happening on 1st of October at betahaus Berlin.

Dear People in Beta,

to answer all your questions about our upcoming festival People in beta and hopefully to get you a bit as excited as we are, here is our HOW TO FESTIVAL:

- People in beta is a festival about Startup Culture, Coworking and DIY, happening on 1st of October at betahaus Berlin.- People in beta is for free and everybody can drop by.- You can find all the information and details here.

- In general our teeny tiny festival consists of four parts:1. A community BREAKFAST in the morning (Start: 10.30 am), where we will also hand over Awesome Foundation Award. If you want to join the breakfast, please register here. Knowing some numbers makes planning much much easier for us.

2. WORKSHOPS and TALKS and an edition of BETAPITCH during the day (Workshops: 12.30 - 17.30 / betapitch 18.00)- Talks will be held at Arena (4th floor), just drop by, find a seat and listen.- For the Workshops please register here, when you want to join the Meet your vision workshop just send a mail to contact@zackes.com. The workshops will be held at Innospace (4th floor).- For betapitch: find all the information here or get your ticket here.

3. Parallel to People in beta, Makerplatz is happening in our beloved Open design city and all over Moritz...ähm Makerplatz. Have a look here or have a look at the workshops, that need registration here.

4. Jamsession and a huge party in the evening: Make sure to bring your instrument and/or your dancing shoes. Things are going to be wild! For the PARTY: Entrance 5 Euro / For all People in beta attendees, please go to infocounter and put your name on the guestlist.

-If you are spontaneous and have a topic join our OPEN SESSION during People in beta or send a mail to jenny@betahaus.de now! We'll have kind of a speakers corner open all day for 30 Minutes talks about anything you can imagine. It will be right in the center of betahaus on the stage of our beloved café.

-Make sure to scroll to the very end of our People in beta Festivalpage: there are some great SPECIALS waiting for you: how about a massage, playing the wolfgame, watching some great videos in our little cinema or get inspired and inspire others to do something good.

Feel free to spread the word, you can use this or this or this.

Well that's it. See you on Saturday October 1st!

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