Elizaveta Bersegova
August 27, 2015

Get ready for some People in Beta festival highlights!

We have the best smorgasbord of workshops, talks and discussions this weekend, August 29th. Trust us, you don't want to miss out. Here's a glimpse of what awaits you on Saturday!

The People in Beta festival will kick off with a massive betabreakfast. Fortify yourself for a full day of festival goodness with coffee and Brötchen while the three Awesome Foundation Award finalists pitch for the final prize of 1000 Euro, no strings attached! Let the “awesomest” win!

Dr. Prateep Beed will introduce you to the fascinating interaction between our brain and design.



Edward Mark Vero is a master of meditation whose services are sought after within Berlin’s vibrant tech and creative scenes and will be giving a very special workshop.



Get back to nature with Lluis Mateu and turn wood into something that is not only beautiful but also functional.



Take Tom Laterveer's “Cultures of Happiness“ workshop and learn how to build a work environment based on connection, zest and compassion.



Bragi created Dash - the world’s first smart wireless biosensing headphones and the most successful crowdfunding project in Europe. Head of Design Arne Loermann will also be there to tell you how to raise 3M on your crowdfunding campaign.



Meet Van Bo Le-Mentzel and he'll tell you everything there is to know about crowdfunding yourself or your best friend to do good for the world.

Van Bo


We are also very lucky to have Jörn Hendrik Ast join us at the festival. Jörn is the founder of ffluid, a consulting company for social recruiting and innovations management. You will find out how this massive setup helps 100+ people to network at once, build connections and find whomever you need.



And so much more, so check out our full program here: www.peopleinbeta.com See you there!

Make sure you don’t miss other upcoming events in the 'haus! Click here

In the last few weeks the event spaces at betahaus | Neukölln were packed with cool events. We opened up the Hide-Out with BETAPITCH Berlin 2019 in the start of April. The hotly contested pitching event saw 12 startups reveal their visions for improving accessibility in public transport. Here’s a recap video from the event.

Photo by: Dominik Tryba

On 27th of April we celebrated 10 years in beta. For our coworking anniversary we transformed betahaus | Neukölln into a party venue and an art exhibition. Artists from our community filled The Basement with art, The Garden was full of fun activities and inside in The Club we had our favourite DJ's playing. In case you have missed it, here’s a recap video from the event.

Photo by: Dan Taylor

We also welcomed the LongHash Crypto conference and enjoyed 3 days of workshops and panel discussions on all things blockchain. And speaking about conferences, our friends from GitHub also chose the betahaus | Neukölln spaces for the workshop day of their biggest event - The Satellite conference. More than 600 developers, executives, and industry leaders from around the world came to

Photo by: Dominik Tryba

After you’ve taken care of your paperwork and you’ve signed up both in Bürger- and Finanzamt, you are all set up to start working. One of the best ways to get integrated into the city fast, meet like-minded people, and even find clients is by working from a coworking space. There are tons of benefits for freelancers and luckily Berlin has a lot to offer in this way. A coworking space is a physically collaborative shared workspace, which brings all kinds of creatives and entrepreneurs together. It’s a perfect place for startups, freelancers, digital nomads and even corporates searching for innovation. And it’s the biggest advantage towards the typical office space is that it pushes a collaborative exchange between its members and facilitates the creative process and networking.

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