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Katka Nagyová
October 17, 2019

The 8 Finalists of The Future Logistics Challenge

Our global search is over. A brighter future for deliveries is on its way. Eight solutions will pitch at the FUTURE LOGISTICS CHALLENGE 2019, and all have the potential to drastically reshape the industry!

Let’s start from the beginning.

You’re probably familiar with the last mile challenge. The problem is more relevant than ever, as cities get increasingly congested, delivery volumes increase, and demand for drivers outstrips supply. That’s why betahausX has teamed up with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Hermes Europe to find new solutions which reimagine the future of deliveries through smart technologies. 

Today we unveil the 8 innovative solutions which will pitch to the judging panel of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Hermes Europe and the Otto Group board members on 5th November. Two of those startups will win up to €125,000, and the opportunity to develop a Proof of Concept together with our partners.

Here are the finalists

CloudMade (United Kingdom)

With 6 locations globally, CloudMade leverages cutting edge artificial intelligence to revolutionise the automotive industry. Their focus is on processing data to optimise and personalise the driving experience of the future. 

High-Mobility (Germany)

High-Mobility builds a data platform for applications working with personalised car data. Users can test their applications in a simulation environment, and get verified to access data from multiple car makers using a standardised connected car API.

Kiwi Last Mile (Spain)

Using a new multi-modal delivery platform, Kiwi offers an efficient, profitable and sustainable last mile delivery solution. Kiwi operates its own fleet, basing its operations in a new ‘cellular delivery model’. It has dubbed itself the ‘future of the last mile’! (Germany)

BRIVE Fleet Solutions (Germany)

BRIVE reduces fleet and vehicle costs by rewarding good driving behavior. Better driving translates into savings on fleet costs and higher salary bonuses for drivers. It already comes with a BRIVE credit card!

German Autolabs (Germany)

The Automotive Voice Assistance platform from German Autolabs is a customisable conversational assistance solution for mobility. German Autolabs leverages deep domain knowledge; bypassing lengthy development cycles to build groundbreaking voice products.

Autofleet (Israel)

The Autofleet platform enables the transformation of fleet managers to vehicle-as-a-service providers. It innovates fleet management, using machine learning to predict demand, price dynamically, automate in-/de-fleeting, and optimise demand-supply matching in real-time.

Neohelden (Germany)

Neohelden is developing a digital AI-assistant for enterprise use-cases. You can think of it as Alexa, but for business. Users can customise the Neo platform intuitively via Drag & Drop, to tailor the AI-assistant to any possible needs.

Parkbob (Austria)

Parkbob organises the world's parking related data, and transforms it into actionable information for better mobility decisions. By creating a dynamic demand prediction model, it provides customers with an end to end solution that increases fleet utilisation and revenue.

VISCOPIC (Germany)

VISCOPIC leads in 3D data processing and worker guidance solutions, focusing on 3D sensing technology and augmented reality. It aims to guide companies into the future by showing them what technologies they need in order to be optimally efficient and productive.

Transmetrics (Bulgaria)

Transmetrics delivers predictive optimisation software for the logistics industry. Designed for express, parcel, pallet, and groupage businesses, the AI-driven software forecasts customer demand to calculate the most efficient linehaul plan for the entire transport network.

*Update: After the two intense Mentoring days with the finalists, the final lineup of startups pitching to the board members on November 5th consists of 8 teams. Congrats to: High-Mobility, Kiwi Last Mile, BRIVE Fleet Solutions, German Autolabs, Autofleet, Neohelden, Viscopic and Transmetrics and good luck on the finals.

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