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Alice Nell
March 1, 2016

From carpenter to betahaus kitchen apprentice | Meet Martin

Martin used to be a carpenter. Helping out our Chef de Cuisine Sven at betahaus BBQs sparked his interest in cooking, and in February Sven invited Martin for an apprenticeship in betahaus - the first one we've ever had! Martin decided to seize the opportunity, exchange wood for food, and give it a shot: making a career out of his hobby. We payed our kitchen a visit to see how he's settling in.

Hey Martin! How has your first month been?


The challenges I meet at work are very exciting. I’m learning all the basics, but throughout my days here I pick up some complicated and advanced things as well. When I'm working on dishes together with Sven, there’s always a chance for me to share my opinion. I’m just an apprentice, but I already feel part of the betahaus kitchen!

Favourite dishes to cook?

Curry and tomato soup are my favourites. There are so many variations possible, your imagination is the limit and the taste depends entirely on your creative approach. At the moment I myself am inspired by Asian herbs. I love to experiment with them! I'm also a big fan of the Mexican cuisine - I cook a lot with chillies and beans a lot. 

What's you plan after finishing up the apprenticeship?

After finishing my apprenticeship I plan to travel. I'd like to get to know different cultures and learn about their cuisines.

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