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March 6, 2020

9 Teams Compete for an Opportunity with Werder Bremen in WERDER LAB

A panel of judges from Werder Bremen are coming to betahaus on 6 March. Nine SportsTech teams are competing for the big opportunity, but just up to three will proceed into WERDER LAB.

You probably know Werder Bremen as one of the largest sports clubs in Germany; they’re a founding member of the Bundesliga and one of the most successful teams in the league with a handful of championships under their belt. But what you might not know is that Werder Bremen is also the sports club leading the way in ingenuity and creativity. Over the years, they’ve shown a commitment to advancing innovation within sports clubs to the benefit of athletes, organizations, and fans. And their next step towards bridging the gap between technology and football is taking shape in WEDER LAB.

WERDER LAB is the incubation program powered by Werder Bremen and our own betahausX. Since applications opened in November,  nearly 100 innovative teams in the fields of talent prediction, injury prevention, digital content management or partner relationships applied from cities around the world with a shared objective: bringing technology to football. 

On 6 March, we’re holding WERDER LAB Pitch Day at betahaus | Neukölln. Of the nine teams competing, up to three will be selected for a spot in the WERDER LAB incubation program and have the chance to change football as we know it. 

Before the big day, take a moment to meet the finalists competing in WERDER LAB Pitch Day. 


After communicating with over 2,000 SportsTech teams and sifting through 94 applications from relevant companies, these are the nine selected to compete in the WERDER LAB Pitch Day. 

Skill Corner (France)

SkillCorner is a computer vision startup collecting innovative football data automatically from any television broadcast. They use it to help clubs make more data-based decisions for players’ recruitment.

The Gene Box (India)

The Gene Box provides analytical solutions, backed by genomics and powered by AI (NLP/ML). In WERDER LAB, they will use genomics for next-level, more accurate injury prevention and performance improvement in early-stage talent identification and development.

Silicon Valley Exercise Analytics (SVEXA) (USA)

Silicon Valley Exercise Analytics is an exercise intelligence company, providing individualized decision support for top tier sports teams and elite athletes so they can track readiness, maximize physical performance and decrease injury risks.

Altius Analytics Labs (Canada)

Altius Analytics Labs is a computer vision/AI software company developing 'seamless' motion capture technology to assess player performance and injury risk. They’ll be joining the event and pitching online!

Zone7 (Israel)

Zone7 is an Artificial Intelligence solution that analyzes all available medical, health and performance data to produce accurate injury risk analysis and recommendations on optimal & personalized player training.

Wallabies (Italy)

Wallabies extrapolates, manages and processes football information on each individual player in order to find comparable players, evaluation, ranking and predict their future sports performance.

SOTA (United Kingdom)

Sota aims to ensure the clubs get the maximum value for money spent on transfers every season.

Stargraph (Italy)

Stargraph develops a  digital platform to generate positive ROI from sponsorship attracting, engaging and converting true fans.

AI Spotter (Finland)

AISpotter provides fast and accurate, automated AI based video analysis service. They’ve applied to support the digital business unit of Werder Bremen in automated video clipping, using AI. 


WERDER LAB is a two-month incubation program powered by Werder Bremen and betahausX. The prize includes:

  • Workspace at betahaus | Berlin
  • Mentorship by industry experts
  • Access to unique player & organisation data
  • Product test within sports environment
  • Exposure & market access through media & press
  • Network with the best
  • Possibility of paid Proof of Concept (POC) upon program completion

Next Steps

Pitch Day is just around the corner. Follow on Instagram for day-of coverage and updates on which teams take the main prize!