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Alice Nell
February 19, 2014

Fashion design: Bag-stage

You meet our course holders at betahaus almost every day. Now we decided to launch a little exploration series and show you how their natural environment looks like, what they do when they are not teaching at betahaus| Education. We are happy to present you our first field report on the topic of BACKSTAGE: the studio of our dear course holder, Magdalena, the place where the magic behind her label AUGUST happens.

AUGUST is co-created by Magdalena and her colleague Josephine. Fashion of the 80’s and 90’s is one of the main inspirations on their mood boards. They share the push to incorporate statement pieces and color into their collections. Quality and individuality are key to them, hence why they prefer to create smaller collections where the final products are entirely to their hearts’ content.

The light-flooded, creatively-messy studio is decked out with mood boards, designs, all sorts of fabrics and tools, and other sources of inspiration - painting a clear picture of how ideas and creativity just flow through the space and how these funky, stunning and unique collections come into being.

Whilst taking care of her adorable baby and tailoring shirts, the power woman and multitasking master dug out quite a few bag patterns she created, dropped them on the table and shared her vision for the MAKE YOUR OWN BAG course:

"The focus does not just lie on designing one bag and that’s it - that would be quite boring. I really want to teach the skills one needs to execute further projects. The course will cover everything from creating a mood board, to fabric cutting and sewing -  all the practice and inspiration needed to create high quality bag interiors."

We would like to send a warm thank-you to Magdalena for welcoming us and hope you too will meet her soon in the haus and get infected by her inspiring passion and motivation.