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Katka Nagyová
November 26, 2014

Farmers with local food are coming to betahaus every Thursday!

Starting of this Thursday you can regularly get local food directly from the farmers at betahaus! Why? Because The Food Assembly starts a brand new assembly at betahaus!

What is it and how does it work?

Read on and meet us this Thursday afternoon at betahaus.

Did you know that buying local food can save the environment and make your life more tasty?

The Food Assembly is a new way to do your groceries combining online shopping and farmers’ market. It is a food community where you can buy good, freshly harvested local products every week. This allows consumers to have direct access to food from their region and meet in person the farmers who produced them. Furthermore it allows small scale farmers and food producers to sell their products according to season, reduce waste and minimize risk.

How does it work? Every week you can order online flexibly from a range of products, and every Thursday the farmers will bring the products to betahaus coming together in a pop-up farmers’ market where you can pick up your order.

This is how we make it possible for consumers and food producers to come together and support each other.

Besides the recently opened Food Assemblies in Berlin Neukölln and Mitte it is time for the Betahaus-Assembly! Yatan, Veronica and Laure will be your hosts of the new Food Assembly in your favourite co-working space, providing every week the betapeople and the neighbourhood with delicious vegetables, juicy fruit, delicious fresh and cured meat, honey, real milk and dairy products, artisanal beer and many other products from Berlin and Brandenburg.

Join us at our Grand Betahaus Assembly Opening! You'll be welcomed with tastings, live cooking, music and much more!

Thursday, the 27th starting at 5 pm at the betahaus | Loft on the Ground Floor.

Get your free ticket now and sign up on foodassembly.de


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