Christoph Fahle
September 25, 2012

Fab Lab Café is Launched!

IT HAPPENED! The first Fab Café in Berlin is launched at betahaus! It´s not a dream, neither an upcoming project. It´s reality and it is already happening!

A little prototyping heaven was installed in betahaus | Cafe yesterday afternoon and is already printing first things. If you are a designer working with 3D programs or just want to discover latest technologies and experiment with it, this is for you. You can basically 3D print (almost) whatever – check out thingiverse and you will find hundreds of little and big things (From iPhone Case up to Yellow Submarine) which can be printed for you in the Fab Cafe. You can choose them beforehand or come by and pick up one at a place. Obviously, you are more than welcome to create your own 3D designs and also get them printed. If you need some help to upgrade or change your 3D model, or even make a complete new thing from scratch, a Fab Cafe facilitator is there for you.

But what if your head is full of ideas about cool 3D models, but what is missing to make it happen is the SKILL? Woo-hoo, solution: you can check out our kalender and apply for a 3D printing workshop, where you will get to know ´HOW´ to create your own stuff.


If you don´t know it yet, it´s no shame, since 3D printing is quite a new thing in the line of coolest technical inventions. 3D printer is a special machine, which melts plastic (to be exact – a plastic string rolled into a coil) and prints it out (layer by layer) according to the 3D model which is loaded on the computer. Could be your own model or the one you have just downloaded.


Upon request.  If you need to 3D print, drop a line to and we will arrange a 3D printing session for you.


personal assistance in 3D modeling - 1 EURO/min

3D printing - is calculated individually for every print (inc. materials, printing time, operation costs) - to simplify approximate calculations for you - 3D printing of an iPhone case would cost about 20 EURO

Just drop by and show your model to Bram (or pick up one from thingiverse together with him) and he will confidently state how many minutes it will take and what are the material costs. *Bram is our specialist, who knows all one can know about 3D printers, and also just a nice and good looking guy from the photo above. ;)

For more events like this, check the General & Upcoming section!

Neukölln is without a doubt one of the best neighborhoods in Berlin for a cozy coffee meeting or delicious vegan brunch. There are plenty of cute cafés along the canal, so no matter whether you prefer something rather rustic or more chic, vintage or Scandinavian, in Neukölln you’ll find a great selection of everything. Here are some of our favourites.

Photo: Nah Am Wasser (Kiehlufer 55, 12059 Berlin)

Nah Am Wasser is only 5 minutes walk from betahaus | Neukölln and is placed, as the name hints, close to Spree. It offers great food, delicious vegan cakes, and lots of freshly made juices and smoothies. It has a beautiful outdoor area in the spring and summer. Tip: Try their Wunderkuchen. We swear you won't regret it.

Photo: hom (Wildenbruchpl. 5, 12045 Berlin)

Another favorite cafe in Neukölln is hom. Not only it's run by an ex-betahaus member, but Iva – COO, betahausX – can highly recommend their cakes and baked goods.

Photo: Companion (Weserstraße 166, 12045 Berlin)

For all true coffee and tea lovers, Companion Cafe is the right place. They offer a special selection of organic tea and know best how to make a latte. With your drink, you can also try some of their super yummy pastries.

If you’re searching for a place to buy REALLY GOOD baked goods (with gluten free options) and very friendly staff, endorphina Bakery is your place. It’s just few steps away from our building hidden in the backyard of Elsenstraße 52, and Katka – Head of Startup Relations, betahausX – says its awesome.


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