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Katka Nagyová
September 4, 2023

Meet the Berlin businesses joining the first batch of Expansion Lab aimed at Japan & Korea!

Here’s to the first chapter of Expansion Lab, our project in collaboration with AsiaBerlin that seeks to forge vital connections between Berlin-based companies and the thriving business hubs of Asia. With the launch of Batch #1 at betahaus, the program commenced last week, promising an immersive journey for its participants.

Meet the finalists of Batch #1: Japan & Korea

Over the course of four weeks of online preparations and three weeks of on-site visits, they will be equipped with invaluable insights and an extensive network - a winning combination for a successful expansion into the flourishing markets of Japan and Korea. Without further ado, let’s meet the deserving finalists!

dissant productions GmbH

A multidisciplinary company that combines technology and creativity to implement customised software solutions using the latest technologies, giving them a competitive edge.



Researchpreneurs connects startups to a diverse pool of experts from all disciplines, such as applied researchers, academics, and R&D experts across the globe, to fill their knowledge gap.


Coeus Solutions GmbH

A software development group with a vision to deliver excellence in AI, Game, Web & Mobile Applications, and Digital Marketing solutions.



A company that transforms mundane manuals and documents into captivating and intuitive digital content.



Support for stakeholders around the world. Their project, the Digital Transformation Center, supports the incubation, acceleration, and expansion of startups between Europe and Southeast Asia.


Afiba Fashion Street

Afiba Fashion Street is a cultural institution primarily using apparel as a medium to participate and contribute intellectually to socio-cultural conversations through art, design, and narrative.


3G Proxy // Hoepfner HI-TECH Investment

A mobile carrier-based proxy solution that enables customers to test digital mobile content, compliance, user flows and payments, analyze competition, or to look for malware.


Feedel Ventures srl

A decentralized startup studio that crafts ideas, grows talent, and cofounds digital ventures.



An active augmented reality studio that combines the fun of actively playing in the real world with the endless excitement virtual worlds can offer.


NOCA mobility GmbH

A company that digitalizes procurement and supply chain management in micro-mobility, i.e., the cycling industry.


Thread UG

A platform that helps businesses who frequently communicate with people struggling to speak the local language by avoiding misunderstanding and making domain-specific conversations smoother.



Technology that banishes microplastics. Their patented regenerative biochemical smart surface coating, applied to silica beads, achieves 100% removal of microplastics from drinking water, down to the smallest molecule. Klar2O achieves 100% filtration at zero pressure while being fully regenerative, promoting a zero-waste philosophy and circular economy.


Congratulations to everyone on the list! We will share more information as the program progresses. Keep an eye on our LinkedIn for more updates!