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Katka Nagyová
June 5, 2023

Say hello to Expansion Lab! AsiaBerlin’s latest move to bring the best of Berlin to Asia.

It’s official! betahausX is joining forces with AsiaBerlin, bringing you Expansion Lab - a unique program that provides opportunities for founders, ecosystem builders & research institutions based (or soon-to-be based) in Berlin to expand their network in Asia and learn about markets that usually have high barriers of entry.

A programme filled with opportunities

First, a four-week online program will equip you with knowledge and insights about Asian business cultures, cross-border cooperation models, growth marketing, and the basics of international networking.

After the online part, we invite you to join us for a three-week-long in-country experience. During this onsite visit, you will take part in seminars, have plenty of networking and exposure opportunities that will give you a hands-on experience but also leave space for continuing to work on your own development. You will also get the chance to attend key ecosystem conferences, participate in partner visits to big local partners (their names will be released soon on our social media) and pitching activities to the ecosystem members.

The program is free of charge, so all that is required from you is your time and dedication! However, travel expenses during the onsite visit will need to be covered by you.

Every country has its quirks (and it pays off to know them)

Expansion Lab provides a great opportunity to break into markets with high barriers of entry, as it is well known that personal relationships are key to succeed in Asia. Building a professional network in Asia is actually a lot of fun: you will get to experience Japanese and Korean entertainment first-hand, learn about the business side of K-pop, visit Japanese onsens and even seal deals at one of the 24/7 Korean bathhouses.

This program is a great chance for you to save precious time and years of research, and open the doors to potential new partners interested in your project or business.

Asia calling!

We start in Japan and Korea, but these are just our first stop. We then continue in Singapore, Jakarta and India - if you’re interested in any of these destinations feel free to drop us a line.

Japan & Korea / Singapore & Jakarta / India - Apply here or message us.