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Taylor Record
December 13, 2021

Are you an energy startup in Germany? Energy Challenge wants to take you to Chile.

The world desperately needs new technologies if we hope to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5*C.

Featured image: "Green Energy" by christianreimer is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Behavioural change and government intervention won’t be quick enough to curb a climate disaster. So we look to renewable energies. Smarter energy storage. Digital technology. New materials. And other innovations that can help us act faster.

After the Paris Agreement in 2015, Chile and Germany committed to carbon neutrality by 2050. Building upon the agreement, the two nations entered into The Energy Partnership. The deal outlines intergovernmental dialogue and fosters energy entrepreneurship through binational cooperation.

That’s where Energy Challenge: German Startups for the Energy Transition comes in. In collaboration with betahausX, they're inviting German startups contributing to energy transition to fast-track the development of new technologies. By working in collaboration, the hope is that both countries can reach their goals.

Are you an energy startup in Germany? If you can show you have the investment capacity for internationalization (criteria below) and a product on the market, Energy Challenge wants you to apply for an expenses-paid acceleration program in Chile, complete with client and partner meetings. Here’s more about the program, eligibility requirements, and how to apply. 

>> Apply Now for the Energy Challenge 2021: German Startups for Energy Transition <<

About the Program

Energy Challenge is an acceleration program coming out of the Energy Partnership Chile-Alemania. It’s organised by AHK Chile and the State of Bavaria Office for South America and backed by powerhouse partners like WERK1, Fraunhofer Ventures, SpinLab, and Bayern.

Select startups will compete in a virtual Demo Day in March 2022. But only three startups will be selected for the grand prize: an acceleration trip to Chile. The prize package includes roundtrip airfare between Germany and Chile, seven nights accommodation, a pitch or demo day at EXPONOR – one of the premier exhibitions for technologies and innovations in mining & energy – and a weeklong tech agenda.

Not only will selected startups get matched up with industry leaders, investors, multipliers, and hubs. They’ll also unlock access to Chile’s entrepreneurial ecosystem to create international business opportunities in the Chilean energy sector. 

>> Apply for Energy Challenge by 15 January  <<

Who can apply?

Energy Challenge is all about accelerating energy transition through collaboration. Energy startups across fields (see below) can apply so long as they meet the following criteria.

Applicant Criteria

  • Applicants shall be based in Germany, or have a German partner and/or be active in the German market.

  • Applicants shall have had at least either one Series A investment round, which is the first time a company receives an external investment, whether venture capital or another private investment, or be able to demonstrate that they have the necessary investment capacity for their internationalization.

  • Applicants shall have a validated technology and a validated business model, meaning that they already have a product on the market and have made actual sales.

  • Applicants shall have the technical capabilities and team to work with industry partners.

  • Applicants shall have developed an innovative solution or technology with a focus on reducing emissions related to energy/power generation and consumption as described in point 2 of these guidelines.

  • Applicants shall fill out their application, pitch and be able to communicate in English.

  • Applicants shall attend all meetings and workshops described as compulsory in point 6 of these guidelines.

  • In case of being pre-selected, applicants shall submit, if applicable, additional information to that submitted in the previous stage.

Sound like you? Apply by 15 January. Or if you'd like to read more about the energy startup scene, check out this article on German Energy Startups to Watch in 2022 in the betahaus Magazine.