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Katka Nagyová
November 26, 2014

Drivy just launched in Berlin & gives presents to beta testers!

News from our friends in Drivy, the new peer-to-peer car rental service in Berlin! Come to check them at the betabreakfast tomorrow. And only now in their beta phase you can get 15€ off your first rental. Just register online and the email with the credit will come to your mailbox. 

Your neighbors can put up their car on drivy.de and you can simply book them through the platform. You can easily book a car for at least a day or for your weekend get-away! It's right in your neighborhood, cheaper and friendlier than conventional car rentals. If you are a car owner you can make up to 150€ a week with your own car! It's 100% Allianz insured.Yes, this is a complementary service to services like the Car2Go or CiteeCar.If you'd like to talk to the founders, come to the betabreakfast tomorrow 9:30am! Ho Ho Ho!