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Katka Nagyová
August 5, 2014

Do you have the guts to organize a festival?

We’re searching for interns! betahaus is celebrating its 5th birthday on the 30th of August by organizing a huge day-long festival and ends with a late night party full of good people and good music. The whole day will be celebration of coworking culture, makers and startups. The party will be a celebration of creativity and ingenuity made by awesome artists.

Want to contribute? Join us for any of the 3 open positions:

1. Event & Content Management

2. Creative Event Design

3. Startup Event Producer

1. Event & Content Management

Your duties will include:

  • Helping to organize the festival for 400 people
  • Communicating with speakers, course holders & musicians
  • Preparing & managing a few of the diverse activities happening on the day of the festival
  • Working out kick-ass logistics, and work on creating the Festival Production Bible

Duration: 2-4 weeks

2. Creative Event Design

You will be in charge (with the help of others!) of building a large club-like installation for the whole creative start up community of betahaus. Strongly recommended for those who are looking to get more experience with a large scale public project and who love the idea of working with an assistant.

The Installations needed have a rough outline but filling it in is up to you.

STARTING DATE: 08.08.2014

END DATE 03.09.2014

YOU ARE: passionate about the culture of design, makers, startups and doers. You are willing to work in a young inspiring team, take responsibility for your own tasks and projects and have a freedom to launch them.

YOUR DUTIES WILL INCLUDE: Design, together with assistant, bar dance floor, or lounge. Create building plan, timeline and step by step plan. Meet and Confirm design and building plan with Head Event Decorator and intern. Collect materials. Build with assistant.

SEND US: CV & Portfolio of previous work

3. Startup Event Production

You'll be hands-on, organizing the awesome betapitch | global happening during the festival where all the international betapitch winners will be pitching their innovative ideas. Work with the startup crowd to organize an incredible pitch experience. During the day the whole floor will be filled with startup booths, pitch training and inspiring talks which you’ll help to organize as well.


- communication with the startups, mentors and startup organzations

- preparing & managing an awesome startup pitch event


For all positions: send your CV to alexa@betahaus.de and put your area of interest (i.e. "Creative Event Design") in the subject line.


Looking forward to creating an awesome festival -- with your help!

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