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Christoph Fahle
October 30, 2013

Deskmag needs you!

Our friend Deskmag is crowdfunding! Deskmag is the biggest coworking magazine in the world and platform that wants to help improve coworking and give easy access to a ton of valuable stories and statistics.

Deskmag is appealing to you, all the coworking fans to support them! In return they will provide you another yearly global coworking survey, which is an exhaustive study on many aspects of the coworking world. You will be able to access those surveys and use them for your own needs! The second big goal of the campaign is creating a coworking library, the coworking wiki where you'll be able to share or read articles, surveys or studies on website and everything for free. And if you belong to the hardware generation which likes having something in their hands, deskmag offers the coworking market report magazine.

So, as we all love coworking - otherwise we wouldn´t be here - we can understand the passion and can value the knowledge that Deskmag is providing. Now it needs you to help them to keep Deskmag alive!

How you can do to help them:

-       Get the Freelancer´s bible!

-       Get the Coworking Market report!

-       Get your ad in their magazine!

-       Get a six months cobot starter kit!

via supporting the crowdfunding campaign.

Few days left, hurry up, support deskmag and picking your goodie!

More announcements and further information you can find in our beta calendar!