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Christoph Fahle
July 9, 2013

Design & TECH Courses @ July

First of all we are happy to present a new space for work on your own projects and experiments in our Open Design City! Every Saturday afternoon from 13th July onwards is a ´MAKE´AFTERNOON, when at your disposal will be sewing machines, screen printing equipment, screen printing colors, cutting mats, cutters, hot-wire, a basic set of jewelry making tools and an inspiring atmosphere. If you´re one of those who can´t wait to get access to our wood workshop -HIGH FIVE, you finally can do it— WOODWORKING NIGHTS with the same ethos are available to any graduates of our introduction to woodshop course.

Somewhere in between trips to sunny southern beaches, we´ll be expecting you at the kickass courses we´ve got running. ON US: to put at your disposal the facilities, knowledgeable experts and inspiration you need to become enthralled in a whole new subject. ON YOU: to learn by doing.

new fashion design course

Breaking news in our July line-up is the FASHION DESIGN COURSE, where you will learn the important fundamentals, all whilst working through from idea generation, to technical planning, right up to making your final dress.

And here finally comes the rest of the lineup. Pick up what´s yours and see you there!

So see you soon, back at school and doing something great!

Yours, ELi, Tom & C

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