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Christoph Fahle
June 26, 2012

Coworking Exchange Between Madrid and Berlin

Utopicus is an awesome coworking space in Madrid. In fall 2012 (Sept 19th - Oct 1st) they will send us awesome coworkers. Together with Rafa (founder of utopicus) we set up a little exchange program for them. They will work 10 days at betahaus | Berlin and find their perfect coworker match to start new projects or continue on actual tasks.

So now we need you to get involved. We are searching for 13 hosts in Berlin who will offer a place to stay in Berlin and guide the Spanish guests through the coworking jungle in Berlin.

Here are the profiles of the ones which will come over:

1. Javier Montañes: Hello my name is Javier Montañés and i´m partner and art director since 2002 in Mimetica Comunicación. We are a design studio based in Pamplona and we work in corporate design, editorial design and web/apps development. In 2010 I moved to Madrid and i started to work in Utopic_us looking for new clients and professionals to make a network to collaborate with because i think that the coworking is the best formula for the creative disciplines. Now we have our own coworking in Pamplona. In Berlin woluld like to meet other designers, illustrators and web developers to collaborate and try to develop joint poyects. Greetings!.

2. Beatriz Vasallo: I'm willing to broaden up my personal experience and my clients' portfolio in translation and interpreting. I'm very attached to the German culture, as I studied for 9 years at the German School of Madrid (DSM) and, apart from that, I really love Berlin, it is one my favourite cities ever, so one could say this is really a dream project to me.

3. Javier Corral: Hi, my name is Javier. Would be nice to be there to stay in touch with theatre's companies, audiovisual industries, and all relacionated with cinema or tv on the Berlin's scene. I'm an actor, director an a theatre writer, I would like to show my differents spanish works there. In this moment I'm working in a theatre play about Charlotte von Mahlsdorf.

4. Maria Jose: My name is María Jose, and I am illustrator. So far I have illustrated children's schools, rooms, logos, wedding invitations, clothes and accessories, flyers and many other things but my real dream is to illustrate stories for children. I am very exciting about this proyect between Utopic_us and Betahaus, because I think that in my time there, I could find some publishing house, editors, or just people who work in the world of illustration, that could advise me about this world. I would like to add that I am a big fan of travel books, so I hope to do a great one in my time there. I know this trip will be a great experience and will open new horizons in my mind. Thanks for everything, Maria José Gajate. If you want to see my work can find it on my facebook: Mariajo Ilustrajo

5. Pablo López: "I'd like to collaborate with a Video Production Business doing recordings, edition and postproduction tasks. I'd also like to practise my German (my current level is A1, but it would be nice to improve it"

6. Maya: By taking part in this exchange, I intend to create medium and long-term professional bonds with fellow coworkers from BetaHaus, as well as experiment the cultural vibe of a truly artistic city like Berlin. It would be marvelous if I my skills as an artist could be of use to my new teammates; my strong points are traditional illustration, retro-game pixel art and fashion illustration.

7. Gonzalo Larregueta: We are about to launch an online platform (www.loudart.es) for spanish artists (illustrators, graphic designers, etc) to have their portfolio and own shop online, and our idea as well is to create a community around it. We will produce the products (prints on art paper) and ship them on behalf of the artist. I´d love to learn from similar activities in Germany and get to know a bit the art scene in Berlin for possible future cooperation with artists, art communities, galleries, etc.

8. Raul: This trip to Berlin is a great opportunity to live a life experience with my teammates, knowing how to work there, participate on an interesting project to suit my abilities and increase the network to improve employment opportunities. Thank you for this opportunity!

9: Mathew: My name is Mathew and I am a graphic designer and web developer. At present I work mainly in online development, working primarily with Wordpress, HTML5 / CSS3 and JQuery. Apart from breaking into the Berlin labour market, I would like to get to know the city, the people, and perhaps even make a life there.

10. Mario Avellaneda: Why do I want to go to Berlin?? Well, first of all, I think it is a great opportunity for all of us to exchange ideas with creatives from another culture in a real work situation. The second reason is because I know there are some people in Berlin developing some interesting projects in the digital publishing industry, which is the field I'm working on. A mag called ASIDE is the first real experiment to create an iPad magazine fully based on HTML5, and its creators are from Berlin. With that example, what I want to say is that I'm absolutely sure there are incredible and very enriching people in the Betahaus, whom I can learn from, exchange thoughts, and, off course, have a nice time together... having a little party 'cause Berlin is also about having fun!!! See ya there!!

11. David Maroto: I would like to introduce myself, my name is David Maroto, I´m aphotographer focused on movement photography, cinemagraph for advertisingand magazines. davidmaroto.com I would like to contact with designers, advertising agencies and travel journalists, I´m also a travel photographer for magazines. My personal work is based on the sequential photography to create multimedia installations. I should highlight "Circuito Emocional" http://www.davidmaroto.com/emotional_circuit.html, this is an exhibition I did for the "Spain Art Fest" in Times Square in New York and "Light Stalker"  at the Instituto Cervantes of New York.

12. Paco Gramaje: "I m Paco Gramaje I´m an audiovisual creative and I have my own studio in Madrid,I am searching new connections, collaborators and experiences in my favourite city outside Spain"

13. Wilhelm Lappe: "I would like to introduce myself and I’m emailing you because I would like to meet entrepreneurs in Germany.My purpose is to exchange points of view, and I’m hoping for this to be a first contact that may evolve into a long-term collaboration.I’ll be in Beatahaus coworking spaces, but I’ll be happy to meet you wherever you suggest. We could simply have a cup o coffee and speak in a relaxed environment.My web and profile are in Spanish, so I’d like to give you an idea of who I am: My name is Wilhelm Lappe an entrepreneur in Madrid, Spain. My project is emprelab (www.emprelab.com) and we work with organizations (such as business schools, foundations, government institutions) that help entrepreneurs, and we also work directly with entrepreneurs. Basically we provide training and services in different areas including business plans, productivity, presentations, or investment projects. Additionally, I’ve been the co-organizer of Iniciador Madrid, a non-profit initiative which purpose is to promote networking among entrepreneurs. We organize two events per month: one of them includes a conference followed by networking, and the second one is a workshop. I take part in different events dealing with IT industry, entrepreneurship and internet or web 2.0 in Spain. Therefore I have a significant network with more than 3000 contacts here. Currently it is my purpose to meet entrepreneurs around Europe and have this network grow.I think European entrepreneurs have an excellent opportunity to make their companies grow in a familiar environment and in countries nearby. I’ll be very pleased if you have 45min to 1h to meet. If we don’t have the chance to meet this time, we can always keep in contact. Thanks for the time you took in reading this email, and I truly hope we are able to meet soon."

14. Carlos Geijo: Strategic & Interaction Design for Internet based digital services & products. Through stakeholder and user research and keeping into account any technological constrain, I can help you find a balanced solution to get your goals accomplished designing a digital experience that delight your users.This solution can be a Website, Webapp, a tactile interface, mobile/tablet app. I can manage the complete project execution or support its implementation. I like to put a strong emphasis in designing products and services that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.I've been involved with design, art, technology and science since I was very young.When I was a child, I was always drawing. I had an Internet connection when people were not aware of its existence, before that I used to connect to private BBS (Bulletin board systems). I've used MSDOS and assembled computers myself.I'm used to work with interdisciplinary teams of people, including coders (Assembler, C++, PHP, .Net, Ruby, Java… so I'm aware of the technologies involved in technological projects, I've used to code in the past too), film producers, photographers, engineers, illustrators, musicians, etc. I also like arts, I've painted portraits, and I've also created a short 3d animation that was featured in Ars Futura.I believe all this activities and people that I've been involved with help me to have a holistic view that integrate the artistic, the technical and the social. This view is useful when leading digital design projects.

15. Elena de Miguel, founder of mmmfood.Elena de Miguel has been working in the fashion business as an apparel-designer, product manager, team manager and cool-hunter for twenty years. In that time, she has developed some other activities such as interior designer. She has also collaborated with advertising agencies. At the beginning of 2011, Elena founded eMMM studio, her own design company, which merges fashion and interior design, teaching, and the organization of gastronomic events. Such events are run under the brand mmmfood, a 100% natural catering, where design and ecological products blend into five-sense experiences.Nowadays, Utopic_US and mmmfood have launched a new venture: mmm_US a new-concept bar where you can enjoy creative, unexpected gastronomic experiences throughout the day. The exchange with Bethahouse is a great opportunity for Elena to take profit of Berlin’s culture, and co-working benefits.

If you can offer a bed or sofa where they can stay from Sept 19th to Oct 1st and you take some of your time to connect them with some of the best coworkers in this town please send us an email and we ll match you! Contact: madeleine@betahaus.de

More upcoming events and announcements you can find in our beta calendar!

Let’s start with the big one. Anyone who has ever moved houses before knows there are tons of tiny expenses that suddenly add up to a very expensive relocation. And that’s just for you and your stuff.

When you start an office from scratch, you’ll have to invest in everything from new furniture to office amenities. You’ll need to outfit meeting rooms and stock the kitchen. Sign a monthly contract with the internet provider. Decorate. Even if you have a lot of these things from your old office, you’ll have to hire someone to help you move it and use up hours of your time getting everything set up.

One of the best parts of moving your team into a coworking space is that most of these costs are already covered in your monthly membership. You’ll move into a fully-furnished space with everything you need to get to work, AND you’ll know exactly how much you have to pay from the time you move in. 

Read More: Everything you wanted to know about Team Spaces at betahaus

In addition to the betahaus locations, we've formed a close relationship with some of the world's best coworking spaces. With your betahaus membership, you can work from any of our partner spaces for 5 days per month.

Coworking Spaces in Europe

Republikken // Copenhagen, Denmark // Vesterbrogade 26, 1620 København V, Denmark

Le Laptop // Paris, France // 6 Rue Arthur Rozier, 75019 Paris, France

Le Laptop - Coworking Paris

utopic_US // Madrid, Spain // Calle de la Colegiata, 9, 28012 Madrid, Spain

utopic_US - Coworking Madrid

Nest 71 // Saravejo, Bosnia & Herzegovina // Milana Preloga 12, Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Nest 71 - Coworking Bosnia & Herzegovina


Toolbox // Milan, Italy // Via Agostino da Montefeltro, 2, 10134 Torino, Italy

Edspace // London, England // Block D, Hackney Community College, Falkirk St, London, UK

Bios // Athens, Greece // Pireos 84, Athina 104 35, Greece


CoWorx // Kristiansand, Norway // Markens Gate 8, 4611 Kristiansand, Norway

CRU – Loja / Cowork // Porto, Portugal // Rua do Rosário 211, 4050-524 Porto, Portugal

SPARK // Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina // Bleiburških žrtava, Mostar 88000, Bosnia & Herzegovina

StartUp Armenia Foundation // Yerevan, Armenia // 0019, 1 Marshal Baghramyan Ave, Yerevan 0019, Armenia

Tøyen Startup Village // Oslo, Norway // Hagegata 23, 0653 Oslo, Norway

Tøyen Startup Village - Coworking Oslo

Smart Coworking // Prague, Czech Republic // Václavské nám. 806/62, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia

Smart Coworking - Coworking Prague

Lighthouse // Tel Aviv, Israel // HaHaroshet 14-16 Ra'anana, Tel Aviv, Isreal

Lighthouse - Coworking Tel Aviv

Coworking Spaces in North America

Fueled // New York City, USA // 11, 568 Broadway, FL 11, New York, NY 10012, United States **Maximum 3 Days


Capital Factory // Austin, USA // 701 Brazos St, Austin, TX 78701, United States

Público // Mexico City, Mexico // Puebla 403, Roma Nte., 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Coworking Spaces in South America

Area Tres // Buenos Aires, Argentina // El Salvador: El Salvador 5218, C1414BPV CABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina // Soho: Malabia 1720, C1414DMJ CABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Area Tres - Coworking Buenos Aires


HubBOG // Bogota, Colombia // Cl. 98 #18-71, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia

HubBOG - Coworking Bogota

Coworking Spaces in Asia

CIT // Taipei, Taiwan // 10452, Taiwan, Taipei City, Zhongshan District, 玉門街1號

CIT - Coworking Taipe


Of10 // Mumbai, India // Prudential, Ground Floor, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076, India


Kibar // Jakarta, Indonesia // Jl. Prof. Moh. Yamin No.1, RT.7/RW.5, Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10310, Indonesia

Midori.so // Tokyo, Japan // Midori.so Nakameguro: 3 Chome-3-11 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tōkyō-to 153-0042, Japan // Midori.so Nagatacho: 2 Chome-5 Hirakawachō, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō-to 102-0093 // Midori.so2: 3 Chome-13 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tōkyō-to 107-0062, Japan

Midori.so - Coworking Tokyo

Launchgarage Innovation Hub // Manila, Philippines // Level 2, Industria Mall, Circulo Verde, Calle Industria, Bagumbayan, Quezon City, 1110 Metro Manila, Philippines

Coworking Spaces in Australia

Independent Studios // Melbourne, Australia // 39/40 Porter St, Prahran VIC 3181, Australia

Coworking Spaces in Africa

Urban Station EGYPT // Cairo, Egypt // 2 Wadi El Nil Mohandeseen, Cairo, Egypt

Urban Station EGYPT - Coworking Cairo

Nairobi Garage // Nairobi, Kenya // Nairobi Garage, The Mirage, Chiromo Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi Garage - Coworking Nairobi


BONUS: Cowork & Relax at the Coliving Space, Coconat // Brandenburg, Germany // Klein Glien 25 14806 Bad Belzig, Germany // Get €10 off your stay


Did we mention this was going to be easy? 

Just kidding. We definitely did.

But, look. Your space will be fully-furnished from the day you move in. We’ll have the WiFi up-and-running and printers online. The meeting rooms will be ready to go. The kitchenette stocked with mugs and freshly brewed coffee. And you’ll have the support of our coworking team. They’ll provide everything from reception to package handling to space maintenance. They’ll get you oriented in the space and make sure you have what you need to get to work.

New office without the downtime.

Some office spaces have a one-size-fits-all approach, but that's not really our style. The reason no two betahaus locations look the same is because they’re locally designed. And we give our Team Space members this same opportunity to customize their space.

Choose a room with a view of the city or one on the ground floor with easy access to the garden. Change the lighting fixture or bring your own bookshelf. We want teams to be able to white label, decorate, and really make the space their own if they want to.

And if you’re really looking to customize, Team HQs allow teams to collaborate with our architects and coworking team to create a space that is completely bespoke. Whether it’s additional meeting rooms, unconventional seating, or a yoga room, we apply our 10 years of experience in building functional workspace to your creative vision to create something that’s just right.

Probably the biggest benefit of coworking is community and events. Now we know it may not be the first thing you’re looking for as you seek out your next office space, but bear with us.

Imagine using your lunch breaks to chat with someone in your industry. Meeting freelance developers at after-work beers. Networking with investors at BETAPITCH. Pitching at our weekly betabreakfast and getting support and feedback on your new ideas.

betahaus has spent the last 10 years cultivating a community of people who we genuinely like working with. And when you join, your team will become a part of it, too.

" People matter! Community was always what we were all about. ‘’

In June we launched #PeopleInbeta - our monthly blog post series in which our Content Manager - Vihra interviewed teams and freelancers from the betahaus community to present the variety of creatives we have in ‘haus, to understand their missions and get some useful advice for our audience. We talked on topics such as sustainability (with PlanA) , decentralized digital identity (with JOLOCOM), curated music experiences (with Bespoke Sounds), freelance photography (with Sara Herrlander), full-stack development (with Obst Digital), design (with LAUDO) and much more.

Interview with LAUDO at betahaus | Neukölln
Interview with Obst.Digital at betahaus | Neukölln

"The Summer is the best time to host Backyard sessions and BBQ’s’’

In the summer, we launched a couple of new events in Neukölln like Freelancers, Unite!, The Backyard Sessions and My friend’s BBQ. 

Freelancers, Unite! developed as our productive coworking session with freelancers from in and outside the ‘haus. Once a month, we picked an important freelance topic (such as taxes, time-management, etc) and invited experts to give us insights on the topic. We saw so many new faces and had the chance to come back closer to where we started from - the freelance, grassroots culture. 

Freelancers, Unite! at betahaus | Neukölln

Another event, which started in July (and turned out to be our favourite events) were The Backyard Sessions. Organised by our queen of Neukölln - Robbin – the Backyard Sessions are our creative evenings with live music jams, movie screenings and cocktails. 

The Backyard Sessions at basement.berlin
Movie Screening at basement.berlin

This last event was hilarious because for quite some time, nobody knew exactly who organised it or invited them. The friend was throwing a BBQ for the community in the garden and this led to all our members joining and staying after for a beer or two with us.

‘’My favourite moment this year was the second friends bbq which was actually cancelled because of the rain forecast. But despite the bad weather, people show up and it turned into a super nice intimate evening with Elizaveta and Paul giving a garden concert.’’ - Robbin (Community Manager, betahaus)

''In July, it was great how the casual after-work BBQ turned into an impromptu acoustic blues jam session with Elizavetta Barsegova and Paul, who have the voice of an angel. Actually, all of the My Friend's BBQ's and Backyard Sessions were AWESOME.’’
- Paige (Head of Marketing, betahaus) 

The Garden at betahaus | Neukölln
My Friend's BBQ at betahaus | Neukölln

"As a coworking space, you have to give stage to important topics.’’

This year we released a new event format in Kreuzberg called ‘’The betaSalon’’. It's an open panel discussion which aims to give stage to important topics and give free speech on them. The fist one we did on the EU elections, last month we talked about changemakers, but our favourite one for this season stays ‘’Mother + Founder’’ where we partnered with FemGems podcast and recorded a live podcast episode for them having Madeleine Gummer von Mohl (betahaus co-founder), Kristine Zeller (co-creater of ooshi period underwear) and Luisa Hoffman on the stage.

betaSalon at betahaus | Kreuzberg

"We should fight for a more human-centered tech development’’

Every September, our co-founders take part in the Techfestival. in Copenhagen, spending a few days disconnecting from the daily life and focusing on creating a better, more human-centered tech future. This year the think tank which included our co-founders Madeleine and Max came up with the TechPledge. The Tech Pledge was made to emphasize the need for a new direction in tech. Similar to the Hippocratic oath for doctors, the Tech Pledge is a promise to make tech a force for good and ensure responsible and sustainable tech leadership. It’s a commitment to driving a new direction in technology.

Techfestival. 2019 in Copenhagen

"Startups are transforming European football as we know it.’’

One of the most exciting projects for betahausX this year (which is also continuing in 2020) is their new startup challenge called The Werder Lab - a global startup competition that aims to reimagine the way clubs like Werder work with athletes, fans and partners.

"You should leave time for the things you love most’’ 

This year couldn’t end without us having our favourite events - the end-of-the-year holiday party and the BETAPITCH Global Finals. On the 6th of December we saw the 9 finalists of the regional BETAPITCH competitions pitching in front of our jury. Congrats to Troy from Hamburg for winning the big prize.

We finished the year at our Holiday Party celebrating anything and everything at betahaus | Neukölln together with our members, friends of friends and our favourite artists from Passiflora LIVE, Tapete and Kotoe.

Love at The betahaus Holiday Party 2019

Thank you for being with us in 2019. It's been a crazy big year for us and it wouldn't been possible without your support, trust and the hard work of our amazing team. Have an amazing holiday time and we'll see you again in 2020.

With love,


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