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Elizaveta Bersegova
September 5, 2014

Counted Down to 5 years of betahaus: Elizaveta's Wrap Up

I've tried to write down a little of "behind the scenes", but found myself rather expressing the experience of seeing an event of this scale feel like a warm birthday party with friends..

Sope, 5 years betahaus festival ist vorbei!

The biggest event I´ve ever directed or seen happening at betahaus is over. We've cleaned up the backyard, wiped down the tables, breathed out... but still have this amazing feeling of excitement, which was impossible to avoid when 600 inspired and inspiring coworkers, friends and colleagues from all over the world entered the haus! People, you are amazing! I am eternally grateful to be a part of this community.

This day was simply epic - over 40 workshops and interactive sessions, dozen of inspiring talks and betapitch global as a cherry on top of our birthday cake. Thanks to stunning photos by Maansi Jain, we´ve got a big part of it on tape -  find yourself dancing/ chatting/ learning/ networking in our PHOTO REPORT.


Of course, you´ve got to hears that "Aaaand, the betapitch winner iiiiiis..." Ta-dam, thunderous applause go to Basslet (Rescued Ideas), who went home with 5k, and EasySize, who went home just shortly - to get ready for their trip to Silicon Valley. Special thanks to our friends from Axel Springer Plug and Play & hub:raum for providing this amazing prizes!

And, of course, a specially loud high five goes to our partners ErgoDirect and Car2Go for their support and collaboration. Thank you for helping us to make this happen!

Honestly said, I´m so glad to have each and every of our speakers, workshop holders, musicians, moderators on board, that it feels impossible to define clear highlights. If I pick one or two, I would certainly drag myself into listing all 40. But you´ve already been there, seen it and saw them live. So I gonna take advantage of that and simply write THANK YOU, hoping that each and every participant would take it personally, as it truly is!

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 03.40.22

It was a really big deal for me - on a professional, personal, emotional and every other level I could think of. But what made it true was the team - my betahaus family. It all about you. It´s always all about you.

Happy Birthday, my darling!



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