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August 25, 2014

Countdown to 5 Years of betahaus: Vivian's visuals

Hello, betapeople!

Vivian here! I have been working for the past three weeks to make the festival visually cohesive (...and pretty). I am also in charge of the closing party, where we'll be having some serious CHILL time after an incredible day of learning and inspiration.

I am super proud of the hard work that has gone into making this a totally accessible festival, where there is truly a little something for everyone.

It's been an incredible experience to bring in five design interns, who have massively improved upon the ideas and themes that I laid out. We will be celebrating not only the fifth birthday of betahaus, but also the close of yet another beautiful Berlin summer. This closing party is shaping up to be the perfect end-of-summer bash, reminding you why you're in love with this city (and the betahaus community, too).

Solidify new friendships and connections over alcoholic popsicles by Schleckdruff, shake your bum to some killer tunes, take some selfies in our handmade lantern light, and DIY your own mask with LED lights. (You'll see.)

This Saturday, August 30th, y’all. Get your tickets!

-Vivian Kvitka

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